Book in for a 15 minute check over with our in house master tailor.

The initial booking covers garment fitting and review, we offer a professional & expedited service. All adjustments are conducted in house. We are proud to open up the doors to our Dublin tailoring studio and our in house master tailor.

Not only will you have a professional adjustment team to conduct your tailoring but having a master tailor as well to review your fitting before and after will guarantee you will certainly be looking tailored to perfection swiftly.

Simply use our handy online appointment book below.

The Process

1 Book in with our master tailor. (€15.00 online fee redeemable against work conducted)

2 Fitting and review of garments.

3 Our master tailor will recommend any work required.

4 All work is conducted onsite after initial fitting appointment.

5 Fitting & collection.

Our Prices

We always work hard to offer our customers a great bespoke services and great value for money. Please see below our current price list for our expedited adjustment service.

Trousers                                      Prices
Shorten €20.00
Shorten with turn up €25.00
Shorten lined (plain) €20.00
Shorten lined with (slits) €25.00
Lengthened €20.00
Take in waist and back seam. €20.00
Taper -Legs €25.00
Taper – Inside Leg. €25.00
Skirts Prices
Shorten €20.00
Lengthened €20.00
Shorten lined (plain) €25.00
Take in Waist €20.00
Taper Side Seams (short skirt). €20.00
Dresses                                          Prices
Shorten €20.00
Lengthened €20.00
Take in Waist €20.00
Shorten Waist €25.00
Shorten Sleeves on Dress €25.00
Add Cuffs to Sleeves €25.00
Jackets & Coats                            Prices
Shorten €50.00
Lengthened €50.00
Take in Side Seams €50.00
Take in Back Seam €35.00
Alter Shoulders €75.00
Shorten Sleeves €50.00
From Shoulder €75.00