In light of our recent post about Made to Measure Vs Bespoke, I thought I’d delve a little deeper and focus on the benefits of bespoke, and why it’s a trump card to all over means of garment making.
The word Bespoke was coined on London’s Savile Row when master tailors recommend cloth that was Best Spoken for by some of their clients, the term bespoke now is normally used to describe something handmade, made from scratch by a skilled craftsman, a true artist, able to visualise a body shape and posture by looking at numbers on paper and a paper template created for each and every customer.

With made to measure the basic measurements are taken and the garment is cut from a block, for example you get measured and are a 38.75 inch chest, they would cut your coat from a block that is closest to your measurements and then tweak it for the closest fit available.
The benefit with bespoke is there is no block, there are no limitations there are no restrictions.
If you are a 38.75 chest, we cut just for that, we create a template of your body that suits can be cut from again and again into the future.
We take should angle and shape, back shape, seat, arm pitch your bodies make up its profile your genetics are put into every fibre of the cloth and every stitch is placed with your desires and body requirements in mind.

We are called A Hand Tailored Suit for a reason, the garments are true bespoke, made with skill and care for each individual client, no two suits are the same, it’s what makes this business so exciting, two people could design the exact same suit, cloth, lining, lapel, pockets and vents, the lot and the two suits are still completely different, and it’s all down to the quality, skill and care gone into the construction of each garment.

By looking after your suit, not over wearing it, not over dry cleaning it, hanging it correctly, it will honestly last you years, David Gandy is quoted saying his first suit was his Dad’s old suit they got tailored to fit him. Thats the quality you’re buying when buying bespoke, every single piece is an investment piece into your personal brand and just you wait till you pull on the coat and trousers for the first time and everything fits as it should do, the wool is beautiful and soft and it’s designed exactly how you wanted it to be.
Thats bespoke benefits, its about fit, the cut, the precise measurements of every part of your body, and documentation of body posture and profile to create a pattern for your body and ensure the highest quality garment.

We are passionate about suits, we are passionate about our customers, customers who become our friends,
When you come to our studio, you’re coming to our home, a place of passion and dedication to bring you a slice of perfection.
You place your trust in us and we repay you with quality garments and exception customer service.

If you’re looking to step into the bespoke world, look no further than the home of true bespoke
A Hand Tailored Suit
Tailored For You

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