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Peaky Blinders – Arthur Shelby and Style

Peaky Blinders – Arthur Shelby and Style

As the eldest of the Shelby siblings, Arthur Shelby feels like he should be the natural leader of the pack. Yet despite his elder status, this Shelby finds himself as the gentle giant of the family. Known for his presence and brawn instead of his wisdom and brains; Shelby’s physique and stature requires a broader fit in his suits and breathing space in is otherwise binding overcoats. Here is the clothes-horse of the family – his function derived from standing tall instead of thinking at all.

Shelby’s deft execution of movement feeds into the fit of his attire. If throwing a punch, his bespoke shirt and blazer need to facilitate for the range of motion. Equating this to the modern day man, bespoke shirts and fitted blazers need to accommodate for the movement that daily life entails. In the era of the Peaky Blinders, transport by horseback and thinking quick on your feet all while battling the British climate in the rough and thick tweed fabric is a mean feat. Shelby’s fail-safe fastidious approach to his family life is matched in his steadfast portrayal in a constant stream of bespoke three piece suits, overcoats and the frequent appearance of thick bowties.

There is a certain picturesque quality to the clothes that Shelby chooses to wear. A lighter neutral colour palette lends itself to a timeless appeal – gentle beige’s, drawn out grey and delicate whites feeds into Shelby’s gentle giant persona. His presence is akin to an impressionist painting of sorts as with all great works of art, there is more of an intrigue behind the scenes. Whether standing on a street corner or sitting in a boardroom, bespoke tailoring can do the talking for you and make the right first impression.  

A Hand Tailored Suit is equipped to cater to all of your bespoke tailoring needs. Whether drawing inspiration from ‘Peaky Blinders,’ Arthur Shelby or any other source, we can make your ideal suit a perfectly fit reality for you. Book in for a free initial consultation with us where you can discuss and browse with our team of tailors and stylists our extensive fabric range and suit builds including the most minute of details such as the colour of the stitching.


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