The Female Blinders – Aunt Polly, Ada Shelby and May Carleton

The Female Blinders – Aunt Polly, Ada Shelby and May Carleton

We couldn’t end our review of the Peaky Blinders style escapades without mention of the female blinders. These being the women who keep the men on their toes – Aunt Polly, the matriarch and steely supremo of the gang; Ada Shelby, the only female sibling and sister to the Shelby’s who stretches the limits of family values and May Carleton, the rich widower with genuine heart invested in equestrian affairs. All three women are luckily luxurious with their attire and have an arsenal of bespoke garments such as dresses, overcoats, shirts, skirts and the like between them.

Aunt Polly
A higher status can bring with it a certain connotation when it comes to dressing – that of which the peaky blinder head honcho Polly Grey or ‘Aunt Polly’ adheres to. Her position as the unofficial head of a criminal organisation finds her draped in a gamut of bespoke garments fit for a queen. While living the high-life at social functions, Polly layers layers of sumptuous furs and silken fabrics in the form of tailored overcoats and party dresses. Her apparent love of colour presents itself through vivid ruby and sapphire hues and dense printed patterns seen on her clothing. Even Polly has to get her hands dirty at times. She has been seen encased in very business-like outdoor attire such as a navy overcoat featuring a silver pinstripe and black and white polka dot cravat.



Ada Shelby
Since marrying communist supporter Freddie Thorne, thus taking his surname, Ada is often around sources of friction between her married family and birth family due to their clash of social ideals. After giving birth to a son, Ada effectively binds the two families together. This doubly reinforced loyalty has transpired itself in many ways but perhaps most notably in the quality of bespoke attire bestowed upon her. Her staple overcoat is functional and fashionable at once. The worsted wool and fur trimmed lapels and sleeves protect her from the often cold and wet British clime while the painterly flower design applied to the beige canvas of her garment win over the style stakes. Ada appreciates bespoke tailoring as her life can have an on-the-run element to it. Her communist links have found her fleeing in haste at short notice – therefore a fitted garment can give her peace of mind that she can literally run on rooftops without having need for a belt or braces.

May Carleton
Having a fortune bequeathed to her upon becoming a widow, May Carleton can comfortably enjoy the finer things in life. Since the death of her husband, Carleton’s main love in life is her horses – so much so that their inspiration feeds into her fashion. This meaning that practicality plays a part in what she wears in terms of heavy overcoats for outdoor stable work, bespoke shirts and tailored skirts for everyday living and all of these in a selection of colours, cuts and fabrics fit for all occasions. When a more formal event dictates more formal wear, Carleton is a master of adding embellishments and accessories to her looks such as hats, fur trimmed overcoats, scarves and shawls. Carleton’s wealth and creativity combine to create her chameleon style.

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