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Introducing Our Corporate Packages

Use Discount Code - bronzecorporatepackagepwc - Either Online or Instudio

2x Suits + 2x Shirts RRP £1198 - Saving -£399  

Use Discount Code - silvercorporatepackagepwc - Either Online or Instudio

2x Suits + 4x Shirts RRP £1798 - Saving -£799  

Use Discount Code - goldcorporatepackagepwc - Instudio

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Fine English & Italian Cloths

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Step 1) It's simple pick your desired cloth package from above  

Step 4) Quote your discount code when ordering online or mention when in studio.  

Step 5) Remember to get yourself measured in studio or online by entering your sizes.  


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*For Each Individual Person Purchase Add A Measurement Fee.

"Our Bespoke Business Suit Packages Have Been Designed To Offer A Reduction To Clients That Order Multipule Garments.

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