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Overcoat - Autumn Winter  


Sturdier fabrics are used for over jackets. The most popular fabrics include tweed & cashmere. Other fabrics that have a rough and napped texture may also be used to make Overcoats.
All of the other fabrics mentioned usually come in shades of brown, green, grey and blue. It is also common to find overcoats in patterns.
A good idea is to invest in an overcoat after you have invested in your first suit. An overcoat will protect you & the suit from natures elements. Overcoats are also worn during formal occasions.


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Colour Grey / 100% merino wool

Corduroy Trouser  

Corduroy Trouser


Colour Black / 100% Cotton Corduroy ol


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Charcoal Roll Neck - Cashmere & Merino Wool

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