Why would you buy a garment that couldn't adapt with your body?

Custom bespoke tailoring has been a well kept secret for many a generation as we cut our garments with inseam allowance built in as a standard!

Their is much talk about the fashion industry & it's sustainability during the era of throw away fashion. We heard a quote of 1 tone a second at its current rate being discarded!

True custom bespoke garments are created to increase & decrease in harmony with your body through out the life of the wearer & be able to be passed to the next gerneration!

"Why Worry About Changing Body Shape & Size"

"The Perfect Excuse To Gain A Little In The Winter & Lose A Few Pounds In The Summer"

All Adjustments Covered For 1 Month

All Adjustments Covered For 3 Months

All Adjustments Covered For 6 Months

All Adjustments Covered For 12 Months

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