How It Works …

Sewing Machine

Step 1). Choosing Your Production House?

  • We offer 3 options for the cutting & stitching of our custom garments,

Option 1). We offer a fully bespoke cut & stitch from the base of the Himalayan Mountains, where old traditional pattern cutting & stitching interweaves itself with the latest Western technology, half canvassed or full canvassed with all the extra detaining you have come to like from our renowned suiting. Hand sewn and pieced together by some of the finest craftsman in the industry today, using the old tried & tested techniques of drafting a unique paper pattern.

Option 2). We do offer a second tier for the distinguished person that wishes for an English cut and stitch from Huddersfield, England. Our English production department offers for a premium price, either half canvassed or full canvassed hand stitched / Machined finish. With all the trimmings you would come to expect from fine English Tailoring.

Option 3). We have on board a luxuries renowned Swiss shirt maker, offering only the finest of Swiss cotton & Jersey-wear. If you want fine custom shirting, Switzerland is the preferred option for any connoisseur of the finer things.

Step 2). Choosing Your Cutting Time?

Standard Cutting

Our standard cut & stitch time is 8 weeks, we do recommend an additional 2 weeks +  if ordering cloth directly from mill. 

*Recommend Cutting

We recommend for all wedding suiting a 12 week cut & stitch lead time, affording peace of mind ahead of your big day. Please do build in an additional 2 weeks + for none house cloths sent directly from mill.

Fast Track Cutting

We offer a fast track 4 week (chargable) cut & stitch dependent on the time of the year. Please do speak to the tailoring team for more information.

Step 3). Choosing Your Cloth?


Choose Your Cloth …

With over 3000 cloths available from renowned mills such as Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis  Canonico, Dugdale Brothers, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Harrisons of Edinburgh & Cerruti 1881 and many more. You will be spoilt for choice.

Step 4). Choosing Your Design?

"Designed For You"

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"With A Little Character Added By Us"


"They Say the Attention is In The Detail"

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"Customize Every Little Bit"

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"Customize The Outside"

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"Customize The Inside"

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Step 5). Booking Yourself A Style Consultation

Want to know a little more?

With over 3000 cloths available from some of the most renowned mills from across the world, we are bound to have a cloth suitable for you.