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1 Month Fit Guarantee

  • 1 Month Fit Guarantee

1 Month Fit Guarantee



Please note our fit guarantee's have designed to afford you peace of mind allowing you to shed a few pounds in the summer months & gain a little during the winter period.

We understand when having something uniquely hand made to fit you and your body it can be a little worrying if you have dropped a few pounds or some times gained a little not to worry our fit guarantees have been designed with you in mind.

It's simple really we built in extra inseam into all of garments, affording you the option of taking in or letting out if needed now or at a later date.

You can say our garments are truly sustainable.

You only need to decide on your period of fit guarantee for more information speak to the tailoring team.

The fit guarantee will cover a Jacket & Trouser for the duration of the guarantee period.