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Jacket-Tan - Cotton Corduroy 820630

  • Jacket-Tan - Cotton Corduroy 820630

Jacket-Tan - Cotton Corduroy 820630



Sports Jacket 
The derivative of its name the sports jacket was originally the attire worn by a sporting man.
Sturdier fabrics were used in sports jackets. The most popular fabrics include tweed such as houndstooth. Other fabrics that have a rough and napped texture may also be used to make sports jackets.
All of the other fabrics mentioned usually come in shades of brown, green, grey and blue. It is also common to find sports jackets in checked patterns.
A good idea is to invest in a sports jacket after you have invested in your first suit. A sports jacket will have more uses than a blazer as it lends itself to a number of casual and slightly dressy occasions.

Fabric 100% Cotton
Style: Corduroy
Weight: Lightweight 
Colour: Tan
Design: Casual Jacket
Weave: Whale