Robert Downey Jr has a the reason of suiting, he chooses the rule novels shoots a rocket at it from among his IronMan suits and tosses it.

The next thing you will see is that his cuffs.
Traditionally the barbell will sit on the rest of the wrist, the coat cuff inch and half higher to reveal only a tiny shirt cuff, Mr.Stark will regular possess his barbell made larger and more letting it come down across the rear of his palms into his knuckles.

Another obvious detail is his pants, are regular a boot cut, this might be on account of his thighs being slightly muscular, so it might be due to his selection of shoe generally being a boot or brogue. But I’d say it is also down to his style of tailoring, appearing while looking sharp, undone.

You will also observe that this transcending through the remainder of his outfit using the top shirt button opened along with the tie pulled loose ever so marginally, and traditionally the previous button on a waistcoat is left undone,  why since it is his personal touches which produce the outfit his, which take a suit and allow it to match him and his appearance and the message that he desires his style to deliver.

You notice Robert want to be daring with fabric. It is not a navy or it’s gonna be grey, or even a tweed, or blue with white and blue pin stripes, peacock and ” he likes to be loud. But of the particulars stay the cut of the suit, the same that for himself he’s perfected over time, he has discovered a formula that he sticks and enjoys to it.
It translates so you might bump into Tony Stark or even Sherlock Once You bump into Robert.

Roberts style the more wider cuff can cause you to appear a little shirt, Robert is 5’9 so he is on the border of being too short for this style, but with a big chest, sway back and walking with a lot of confidence he manages to pull it off.

Style is to be constant, Roberts signature appearance is ticked off in whatever he wears, in the way of it and each suit it functions.



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