Please note we offer a private appointment for all our clients, where you will be able to browse our cloth options and chat to our style consultants over a friendly cup of coffee (no obligation or pressure to buy).
    • Appointments can be booked online or by calling the team on IRE 01 513 6665 or UK 0800 0148149 please do highlight your preferred studio location.
    • Initial appointments generally last up to 1 hour. We Offer an initial free 45 minute consultation appointment and additional follow up consultation appointment’s normally carry a chargeable fee. With that fee being redeemable against your bespoke order.
    • Wedding parties or group bookings may vary in time required, contact the tailoring team for more advice.
    Contactable hours, please note our call team can be reached during normal trading hours on Tel: (IRE) 01 513 6665 or (UK) 0800 0148149, the tailoring team will get back to you during normal studio hours, please note we do try to close on a Sunday & Monday & during busier periods we can be exceptionally busy tailoring and fitting during trading hours.
    • A 24-hour notice of cancelling an appointment is required.
    Full payment of your order is required prior to your order being processed.
    Payment Methods accepted: Cash, Visa, Mastercard or AMEX, PayPal & Bank Transfer(BACs). *Unfortunately, we cannot accept cheques.
    • Under certain circumstances it may be possible to accept a deposit, please note however your order will not be placed into production until payment in full is received. We kindly ask for payment to be made in full a minimum of 8 weeks prior to your expected delivery date.
    • *Please see recommended cutting periods below in timelines & deliveries.
    • On paying a deposit this allows for a pre-arranged cutting slot to be allocated to you. Please do note no work will be conducted until final payment has been received.
    • We are unable to offer refunds as the garments we supply are specifically custom made to your individual specification, cloth, pattern & hand made by us for you. However, In the case of a production error we will take full responsibility to rectifying the order. We favor a repair / replace procedure.
    • If an order is cancelled by us this can take up to 60 business days to show within your account dependent on your merchant provider, please note order placement details below.
    Our cloths & products are always sourced from only the finest of cloth merchants & suppliers in the industry.
    We cut and produce our garments based on personal intended usage any loss resulting from undeclared commercial or excessive usage we will not be liable for.
    • Please do note our materials are sourced directly from the textile mills and on occasion can vary slightly & we do maintain the right on the rarest of occasion to substitute to an alternative.
    The quality of our cloth & garments are second to none, we have teamed up with some of the most renowned European mills to offer you some of the finest cloth available in the industry, many of these mills have been weaving & supplying since the 19th century.
    We pride ourselves on producing the best fitting custom bespoke garments around Ireland & the UK. We also offer a very comprehensive style consultation & fitting procedure to our clients.
    • Please do note for first time clients we can recommend two or three initial fittings while we perfect your unique body pattern & body profile. This enables us to store your individual measurements for future use.
    • If for any reason a client is unsatisfied with the goods supplied we will consult with the client & formulate a plan of action to rectify any problems provided they are justified.
  • We ask that you get in touch via or book a telephone appointment to discuss in more depth.
  • Please note items would need to be returned so that a fitting can be conducted and a review take place.  Please also note we can ask for up to 28 days to review all details as we would need to liaise with production & any work conducted by the team.


    • We agree to supply all orders placed & paid in full by our clients. *Please see recommended timelines & deliveries below.
    • We agree to fit all garments to the best of our ability.
    • We agree to advice all clients on cloth durability, suitability & colour for the client’s needs and purpose.
    • We shall not be liable for any losses or cancellations of orders relating to a change of heart or in the dimensions of the client after the order was placed. I.e.… Growth spurts- fluctuation in weight be it loss or gain.
    • We shall not be liable for additional alterations to garments after the order has been deemed completed by our tailoring team.
    • We do hold the right to refuse to accept any order we deem inappropriate.
    • The client must follow our payment terms & conditions *Please see above.
    • The Client is obliged to complete the fitting process.
    • If the client’s measurements have altered since placing the order, we will endeavour to fit the garment but this may result in additional costs being charged.
    • The client must arrange for receipt or collection and or fitting of the garment within a reasonable time. Where a reasonable time is deemed to be within one month of the date of being deemed ready for collection. After such time, we do reserves the right to dispose of the garment in question.
    • If the client agrees to collect the garment outside the reasonable time mentioned previously, we shall not be liable for any loss relating to a change in the dimensions of the client after the order was placed. The Client agrees to attend a fitting following any work being carried out on the fit of the client’s order.
    • Failure by us the Supplier to notify the client of an order being ‘ready for fitting’ is not grounds for compensation, the Client has an obligation to make reasonable arrangements for collection of their order.
    • It is important for the client to book the appropriate appointments i.e. Style Consultation / Style Consultation with Measure / Fitting(s) -Collection.
    • We kindly ask all clients to act in a professional & friendly manner, we must point out aggressive and abusive behaviour is unacceptable & can result in you being asked to leave the premises and your order cancelled & payment forfeited.


  • On confirmation & payment of an order this implies that all the terms and conditions have been accepted and agreed to.
    • It is understood that an order, once it has been processed, cannot be cancelled upon commencement of the manufacturing process. Where the order consists of multiple garments, the start of the manufacturing process commences with the first garment.
  • For the avoidance of doubt” First-time clients purchasing bespoke packages ie. multiple suits or multiple shirts, must note that only 1 suit or shirt will be cut and fitted first, on sign off by customer that the pattern has been perfected. Only then will the remainder of the order be processed.
  • Items supplied for promotional use, where an agreement is in place ie. complimentary tie/shirt offered for use of wedding images must be supplied by customer within 6 months of event or items will be invoiced for at the full price.
  • Complimentary items are none refundable.
    • Should under the rarest of circumstances it be agreed by us to cancel an order, a cancellation charge of €100/£80 , together with any outstanding charges for costs incurred etc.. Cloth sourced & delivery charges will be deducted from the submitted payment before any refund is issued.
    • Any changes must be made to an order within 24 hours of placing the order.
    • As each order is personally tailored, the Supplier is unable to resell an order.
    • Supplier cannot accept returns based on a change of heart on the part of the client.
    • Where there is a dispute between client and Supplier over the styling of the order, the record on the Supplier’s ordering system is taken as the firm and final order.
    1st Fitting, We will arrange a fitting appointment with you so we can review the fit & pattern of your new bespoke garment with you.
    • Adjustments, Any tailoring / adjustments are done onsite or locally and are turned around swifly by expert craftsman.
    • 2nd Fitting, The 2nd fitting this is when your bespoke garment will really begin to take shape. It is not uncommon to repeat the 1st fitting if a little more shaping is required. We will do as many fittings as required to make sure you are happy with your bespoke custom hand made garment from a Hand Tailored Suit.
    • Final Fitting, It’s true there is no better feeling than going bespoke, having something that’s made just for you, designed to your unique body pattern and requirments with a little help from us of course! A garment should never wear you, you should wear a garment and enjoy the feel and compliments that a bespoke garment affords you. You will never shop off the peg again.
    Unfortunately, under our terms & conditions we do not offer refunds.
    • We Favour A Repair, Adjust & Remake Policy, We have always found this to be the most fair & beneficial method for all our stitchers, pattern cutters, cloth merchants & tradesmen, directly & indirectly involved with your custom bespoke order to get paid.
    •Why? All Of Our Garments Are Uniquely Made. All of our orders are unique custom designs & the cloth is bespoken to each individual’s order requirements to fit not only their body & body-profile, but also their tastes & characteristics.
    • Our master craftsman, At least 4 master craftsman will have worked on your bespoke order, from drafting out the unique paper pattern of your measurements & body profile to the cutting of your cloth. Then it all heads off to our master stitchers that not only stitch & piece together your garment.
    • The Fitting Procedure, The Client is obliged to complete the fitting process. The fitting process is the most important part of the bespoke procedure, as we need to review how the cloth drapes from the body and how close fitting you would like it to be. It can take multiple fittings, dependent on your style and overall fit, we cut & measure to within 1 cm of your actual bodies measurements. However remember the fit of a bespoke suit is unique to each individuals wear requirements. We are not only perfecting one garment but cutting a future template.
    •Adjust & Repair, If required we will undertake a fitting with our head master tailor. We endeavour to perfect a unique pattern of your bodies measurements. How long should the fitting process take? We tend to have our gentlemen completed within 2 fittings & our ladies completed within 3 fittings for first time clients. However if asking a tailor how long is a piece of string & they will tell you it all depends on what’s its being used for, as cloth / string is unique as it stretches & adapts to its environment. So may need checking twice.
    •Remaking, If a garment is in the rarest of occasion is deemed requiring a remake of the stitching and construction, this is done to make sure the pattern is  perfected and any future work will be minimalistic. We do reserve the right to restart the garment construction if necessary. Perfecting a fit and a pattern is what makes custom bespoke tailoring so rewarding in the future as during the Fitting Procedure we will be updating any adjustments made to your unique pattern & archiving it. Cutting out any future adjustments. Did you know our peers on Savile Row are known to head to 7 fittings for first time clients!
    Any alterations desired after the completion of the tailoring process. Will carry an adjustment charge.
    • All clients for whom a toile is deemed appropriate, the deadline to first fitting is for the toile fitting. Once the first fitting is performed, the garment is made-proper and ready for fitting within 8 weeks from the time of fitting the toile. Please do note a toil and the changes made to the toil ahead of placing in to creation is the final specifications, any additional changes to the garments after the toil fitting will be charged. Example length, collar style and pocket style changes.
    • For avoidance of doubt a toile is a garment made up in basic cotton so that alterations can be made. * a toile fitting does carry an extra charge €100 / £80.
    • Please note we can offer a full canvas & half canvas option within our bespoke Jackets at an extra cost. *Please ask for further details.
    • We can in exceptional circumstances offer a fast track cutting of 4 weeks. This will incur an extra cost & depend on our cutting availability at the time.
    • Please do also be aware that certain sizes (48” +) do carry a surcharge dependent on fabric quantity used.
    • Home or Business off site appointments, please note we offer this service to all clients this is a charged facility. The rate for a home or business appointment is €75/ £50 per hour. Appointments can take place up to 70km / 50-mile radius from our normal tailoring locations. Please do note payment for the appointment is required before hand, for any questions relating to these appointments please do contact the team.
    • Additional extras (Advanced styling options), We have endeavoured to keep the costings at a fixed price for you however we do have some advanced styling options available which do carry an extra charge. This will be discussed with you throughout your appointment or detailed online. Any additional styling attributes on to- of these will be charged at a €20.00 rate per unique attribute.
    • Communion orders between the months of Jan, Feb, March & Wedding orders between the months of April, May, June, July & August due to the attention to detail that goes into our hand tailored garments we do ask for a minimum of 12 weeks to be afforded for cloth ordering, special pattern drafting, cutting & sewing before the communion/wedding date.
    • Large Group ordering please do note, as our cloth is purchased directly from supplier, it is recommended to place all group orders at the same time so that we can cut from the same batch.
    • Please do note cutting will not commence until payment is received in full. The 12 weeks quoted is from the date of final & full payment.
    • Digitally Printed Linings, please do note we will require a high-resolution image, we recommend 300 dpi (dots per inch). We do also recommend 12 weeks for printing & sewing.
    • Corporate & orders falling outside of the detailed terms & conditions above must note final payment is due ahead of first fitting.
    • Embroidery and detailed specifications above and beyond what are standard bespoke offering is, this can be done but will carry a fee dependent on the additional time taken to either cut or sew for you.


  • It is understood that turnaround and dispatch of the orders placed at the Supplier may vary from time to time depending on current order volumes, work schedules, fabric availability or a characteristic of the order placed. The Supplier will try its best to comply with the average turnaround time to first fitting of 8 weeks.
    • Please note when ordering none in house cloths we do recommend an additional 2 weeks + for dispatch from mill to our third production department. *Please note some third party cloths can take a number of weeks to source directly from mill dependent on stock and availability of that cloth.
    • While turnaround of an order is indicated as an estimated dispatch date it is understood that the supplier will try to keep as close to the scheduled estimated dispatch date as possible.
    • Please do note during the months Jan to September it is normal for us to move our cutting time to between 10-12 weeks + during these months. Jan to April is normally communion cutting season & April to September is wedding cutting season. We do recommend to all clients falling between these dates to give 12 weeks for peace of mind. Or to have your order fast track if availability allows (The Fast-track of an order is a charged service, offering 3 – 4 week if cutting availability allows).
    • Dispatch times may vary according to availability, any guarantees or representations made as to delivery times can be subject to any delays resulting from postal delays, customs & excise or force majeure (including Acts of God, Acts of War or Acts of Terrorism) for which we will cannot be held responsible.
    • The supplier will not be responsible for such delays resulting from situations within the client’s control, such as client making a late payment. Client not being available to accept delivery, or incorrect delivery details supplied by client. A delay does not include any alterations that are requested by the client. Timing to first fitting does not include public holidays.
  • Please note our recommended cutting periods:
  • Jan functions, October booking.
    Feb functions, November booking.
    March functions, December booking.
    April functions, January booking.
    May functions, February booking.
    June functions, March booking.
    July functions, April booking.
    August functions, May booking.
    September functions, June booking.
    October functions, July booking.
    November functions, August booking.
    December functions, September booking.
    For more details please see additional services section.


  • The custom hire period is for 7 days from collection. Etc. collection/ departure Thursday returned the following Thursday to studio.• A security deposit is required of €100 per hire suit on collection prior to departure.• late returns are chargeable at €75 per day deducted from the security deposit or charged against Customers payment details per suit.• Our custom hire will be available for fitting & collection on the week prior to function date, dependent on when order is placed.• Custom hire has been designed to give an alternative to the normal run of the mill hire options available. We offer either a 2pce or 3pce suit package consisting of (shirt to keep) & tie/bowtie from a selected number of cloths that can be tailored to within 0.50″ of your bodies measurements. This enabling everybody to enjoy the bespoke experience. * Please do note we do cut & tailor our normal bespoke garments down to 0.25″.• Returns, please do make sure all items are returned in agreed time and that all personal items have been removed as we will not be held liable for any missing items.• Please do note any repairs or any extensive dry cleaning will be deductible from security deposit.• Missing items will also be charged for.• Custom Hire is available to purchase, as we have taken the effort to custom fit a suit to everyone, we also foresee the benefit of affording the option to purchase a fitted suit, this can be arranged prior to or during the hire period. Please note the purchase of custom hire garments is at the sole discretion of the company and will not amend any of the terms above for custom hire.• For purchasing options please contact the tailoring team.• Custom hire currently is only available within Ireland.
  • Please note if using third party measurements we will not be held liable for any adjustments made to garments & if adjustments requested costs will be charged for.
  • Home & office fitting appointments are available as above chargeable at €75.00 per hour. 45 mins of traveling time is built in each way.
  • Custom hire is only available in Ireland & we request all customers to afford us 4 weeks + notice of measurement to function date.
  • Our custom hire will either be bespoke or made to measure from a block and adjusted to fit, dependent on time afforded to us.
  • Please note at certain times of the year we will carry mtm custom hire suits in certain colours available for hire and will be amended accordingly.
  • Please note custom accessories are cut in matching colours to suiting due to future hire availability. Please note ties & pocket squares are available to purchase in cloth and lining colours.


    • • Gift Vouchers can be exchanged for goods in all our studios & online.
      • Gift vouchers may not be exchanged for cash.
      • Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
      • If goods purchased online total less than the value of the gift voucher, any balance will be left as a credit.
    • Gift vouchers & embroidered vouchers are none refundable.
      • A Hand Tailored Suit Ltd related services are made available to you in accordance with the following Terms & Conditions. Please read them carefully before ordering.
  • A Hand Tailored Suit Ltd is a company registered in Ireland.
  • We periodically make amendments to these Terms and to the information contained in our website, so we advise you to check back often. Your statutory rights shall remain unaffected by these Terms & Conditions


  • All sale rail Items are stored within the UK and are available for worldwide dispatch.
  • Items sold from within the sale rail are normally ex-display or promotional product.
  • Sale rail items can be arranged for collection from the Birmingham Showroom only.
  • All sale rail items are sold as seen.
  • Alterations can be carried out either by the purchaser or by ourselves however all adjustments will carry a fee & all costs will need to be paid prior to any work being conducted.
  • Refunds & returns are not available on sail rail items.

Full Terms & Conditions