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Dear A Hand Tailored Suit user, 

As you might have heard, we have letdown a couple of people this year due to unforeseen circumstances,  

We’re pretty heartbroken because all the work and love we put into our garments went down the drain 😢.

What happened? 

Our tailoring Team in Nepal, which we have been working with for over 8 years now, have had to shoulder a 1 million pound + loss from a well known UK competitor. 

A loss this big to the tailoring industry in Kathmandu, Nepal is quite unprecedented. 

So here’s the plan:

Our Nepalese tailoring team have secured half its Tailors & Stitcher’s and plan to gradually bring more of them on board in the new year. 

We have agreed a faster turn around time for our customers from placing order to first fitting, now being completed within 3 weeks from order placement, starting in the new year for all house cloths. 

We have also committed to bringing in as much new business for them as possible, for a slight reduction in house cloth pricing. Thus allowing us to reduce our starting price points affording a reduction for everyone.

We have also brought on board a second bespoke production unit, fully tested and meeting our vigorous attention to detail.  Garments will be cut just as swiftly and as precise. 

Going forward into the New Year:

  •  We will be actively driving sales through Ireland & the UK having already set up our new Bespoke Showroom within Birmingham City Centre during the Autumn, ahead of the scheduled Brexit date in March, securing our future business position whatever the outcome.
  • We will be adding more frequent tailoring dates to Ireland after completing our recruitment campaign. 
  • We are now working on bringing our bespoke offering online, writing fresh new software, setting up new hardware and we’ve started with the rebuild of our complete online cloth library. Please be patient because unfortunately, this takes time.
  • We have even added some of our ex-display stock to an online sale rail, allowing you to browse by size for some amazing reduced bargains – more being added weekly 😉.

If you’re A Hand Tailored Suit customer, 

If you’re a Hand Tailored suit customer,  don’t worry because you’ll be more than compensated. 

We have and will be adding, 

  • Cheaper price points. 
  • Faster cutting times. 
  • VIP online account access & benefits. 
  • Bespoke subscription options.
  • An online garment builder. 
  • Order tracking from cutting table to first fitting. 
  • Not to mention our tried & tested house cloths and lots of new seasonal cloth options throughout the year added online, like our new bamboo option from Huddersfield, England. 

More resilient and better than ever.

We truly apologize for the inconvenience if we didn’t get to cut you one of our amazing suits or garments or if your order was delayed. 

The Tailoring Team Update

Update 17th & 18th: 

Our tailoring units will be closed from the 23rd affording everybody a much needed break ahead of the New Year. 

Our new online software is working in our testing environment. It was built from scratch so we hope it will perform just as well under heavy load. There’s still a lot of finishing and testing to do but so far, things look promising. 

Our new Birmingham Showroom has been recruited for and has pre-booked appointments well into the New Year. 

We plan to continue our search for a new showroom within Dublin in the New Year after missing out on a City Centre Studio in Moles-worth street earlier in the year. Due to hyper inflated pricing  in the City 😡.