What sets us apart?

Is it our team of craftsmen that painstakingly work on every garment from drafting the unique paper pattern and then cutting the cloth from that individual pattern, that a mathematician would be proud of, capturing not only your exact body's measurements down to just one  1 cm - but your body's posture and profile too?

If we told you that at least 4 countries are directly involved with each and every suit we create & cut. From the Italian horse hair chest canvas to the German made shoulder construction, then consider the cotton sourced and the silk & satin linings used in our bespoke suits! Then consider the buttons & how about the actual cloth used, English, Italian, French, Irish, Australian & New Zealand the list goes on and on and covers some of the most renowned mills through out the world!

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Or Could It Be?

That special hand embroidered green button we have stitched under each of our lapels? Call it a signature a calling card of sorts.


1).Or Could It Be Our Measuring Skill?

We take in excess of over 30+ measurements from every client.

2). Or Could It Be Our Master Craftsmen?

Tailoring is not only a skill but a passion for them.

Pattern drafting
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3). Or Could It Be How Precise We Are With Our Patterns?

We cut our cloth to within 1 cm of your exact bodies measurements.

4). Or Could It Be The Cloth We Source?

Only the finest of cloth you will find in our tailoring studios and tailoring locations. Currently in excess of 3000+ options.

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super suit

5). Or Could It Simply Be The Amazing Fit of Our Bespoke Garments?

We call it the English / Italian Cut a cross between the fine English etiquette of how one should wear & have cut a bespoke suit, including those little intricacies and building in the wow factor of the Italian silhouette.

Or as our clients would call it ..."The Super Cut  aka The Super Suit".

6). Well With A 90% Returning Customer Ratio!

We believe it is all of the above as we do cut the finest bespoke garments for men & women on both sides of the Irish Sea! To view some of our cuts head over to the #TailoredForMe page.

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Tailoring Location: Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Ditchley House, Little Island Co. Cork

Dublin (City Centre)

Tailoring Location: Jurys Inn Hotel, Parnell St, Dublin 1.

Dublin (City Centre) 

Private Showroom:

23- 27 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2

Buswells Hotel.


Tailoring Location: Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Limerick, Ennis Road, Burtonhill, Limerick



Tailoring Location: Jurys Inn, Great Victoria St, Belfast BT1 6DY, UK


Tailoring Location: Jurys Inn 1st Floor conference suite, 245 Broad Street, Birmingham City Centre,  B1 2HQ UK

Birmingham Showroom (May 2018)

New Private Showroom Location:

B2,  Birmingham City Centre.

Mainland Europe:


Tailoring Location: The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Rue du Fosse aux Loups 47, 1000 Belgium.


Tailoring Location: The Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt am Main, 65, 60486 Germany.


Tailoring Location: Park Inn Hotel By Radisson  25-27, 81929 Munchen, Germany.

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