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A Blue Linen Wedding Party!

Whenever we are asked to create wedding suits for our customers, it is always an honour to be part of their special day; but when we are honoured with creating suits for a wedding party, it's great to see how smart they all look together! It was the groom Niall's wedding recently and for it, we made four blue linen suits for the gentlemen.


Each gentlemen would wear a navy blue line two-piece suit with orange detailing through the inner lining and pocket square, showing why the complementary pairing of the colours work so well. The lapels were notched leading down into the two-button front on the centre, with these buttons of choice being in the brown horn style. Two flapped pockets would be situated below the buttons, with the welt pocket distinguishable on the chest also.

All four pairs of trousers would be cut in a slim style with a lovely centre crease down the front, making the linen look even sharper in its wedding suit form. All of them would have belt loops that finish quite a bit below the waistband's bottom line, and the hem finishing below the ankle to ensure it sits on their shoes perfectly and elegantly too. With a personalised monogrammed message underneath the jacket collar (also in orange too for that cohesion), it would really make these suits memorable for the occasion.

With the gentlemen's jackets finished with a subtle rounded shape to the shoulders to provide that extra height and smooth tailored line, they all look absolutely grand! Each of them were provided their own white tailored shirt too, all displaying matching attires whilst each suit being individual and made to fit them all perfectly. That is what bespoke tailoring is all about, and why wearing a bespoke suit for your wedding is magical!

On behalf of the entire tailoring team here Niall, we wish you many congratulations on your wedding! Yourself and your groomsmen all looked brilliant!

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