FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)




  • Is your website multilingual?
  • Yes the website is accessible for up to 104 different languages. Simply choose your native language via the multilingual language header button and all the content will automatically change to your selected language. 


  • Can i pay in a different currency? 
  • Yes you can. The website has been encoded with an automatic currency tracker offering up to 100+ different world currencies. You can also change the required currency via the header button or via the menu on mobile devices. 



  • How do i book a private showroom appointment?
  • Please click here


  • How can i get in touch for a quote? 
  • Please click here

  • How do i request a 3D body scanning link to measure myself?
  • Please click here


  • How much do your 2 piece suits start from?
  • Our suits start from £699 for a 2pce (Jacket & Trouser) for both men & women. 


  • How much do your custom shirts start from?
  • Our custom shirts normally start from £125.



  • I've ordered from you before. How do I go about ordering another item?
  • You can either give us a quick call  or book a style consultation in-studio. We keep all of our existing customers measurements & patterns archived, so its easy to simply bring out the previous pattern & measurements and re-cut a new garment. (As any previous amendments made to your unique pattern is saved online).


  • What happens if I've changed size since last ordering?
  • We can either book you in for a Re-measurement appointment (approx 30 mins) or we have a very handy mobile measurement app that will that capture your exact measurements in both inches or cm via 2x images (It takes approx 2 mins) . You can always give us a shout, the team we can easily walk you through it!


Ordering Online


  • Can I design my garments online? (New Feature) 
  • Yes you can, simply head to the side menu above on the (left hand side) to choose "DESIGN" . You can even save them! (Please note the 3D Design configurator is currently being tested online)!


  • Do I need to register to design online?
  • No you can use the online garment design builder freely, but we recommend registering online to benefit fully from promotions & when purchasing you will need to register.  


  • Do you tailor for ladies and children?
  • Yes we do, as all of our garments are hand made from a unique pattern drafted from your own measurements (bespoke). So we can cut & tailor to any size or fit. 


  • Do you sell gift vouchers?
  • Yes we do, we sell embroidered gift vouchers. Embroidered onto one of signature red pocket squares / pocket handkerchiefs.  They take approx. 7- 9 days to be embroidered and dispatched. Click here


  • Do you offer discounts for repeat customers? 
  • We have increased the discount rate for our returning customers to 25% OFF 
  • Use discount code: returning-client-2024






  • I don't know what I want, how can you help me?
  • Yes we can try, we offer online & studio, style consultation & measurements appointments where our style advisors will be more than happy to help with any personal design options or recommend accordingly.


  • How long do the appointments/fittings take?
  • Our style consultations normally take around 60 minutes & fittings around 45 minutes.


  • What is the turnaround time for a bespoke suit? 
  • Our standard turnaround time is 8 weeks + depending on cutting slot availability. We do also offer fast track options of 2, 3 & 4 week options, these are chargeable.
  • *Please do note the book early & save wedding promotion is on a 12 week cutting time line (not including shipping) . 


  • How can I book an appointment with you?
  • You can either book directly online or you can simply call the team to request an appointment. Tel either +44 (0)121 368 1052 or +353(0)1 513 6665. 





  • Where are your suits made?
  • We have three main production units the 1st in the UK is situated in the West Midlands & the 2nd in Nepal, Kathmandu (at the base of Mount Everest) where we have been cutting bespoke garments now for over 14 years & a 3rd production unit in East Asia, with whom we have been working with now for over 6 years+ (Producing some of the finest casual soft tailoring).    


  • Are your Jackets fused or canvassed?
  • Our standard make up is a half horse hair canvas chest piece built into all of our Jackets. We do also offer a fully canvassed jacket option. 


  • What other options do i get standard with a 2pce Suit?
  • All of our jackets are cut with a working cuff (that will unbutton & button up if required), standard (half horse hair canvas chest piece), a top pocket square sewn into the lining for use (pocket bag),  working breast and front pockets. Inner (security pockets) one on the right hand side with two and an additional (pen pocket) cut into the left hand side of the inner Jacket. We offer coloured (under collar felt), plus a shirt stay (waistband) on all of our trousers. 


  • How does the bespoke process work?
  • All of our garments are hand made from the individual measurements taken or submitted online,  we draft and cut a unique paper pattern for each garment & client.  We archive & save all of our paper patterns for future use.  It typically takes around 2 days for a pattern to be drafted and around 100+ man hours for a 2pce suit to be cut. 





  • Can i review & browse cloth options online? 
  • Yes you can, simply head to either the top left hand menu and select browse cloth or head to the bottom footer and select digital cloth swatches via our Youtube channel. 


  • How can I find out the current update with my order?
  • Our online system offers status updates that frequently update you at each stage of the creation / production process. Do remember to register online for this service. 


  • Can i design & purchase online? 
  • Yes you can, via the website you can choose your cloth, design your garment & add your measurements. We have in excess of over 10,000+ options to choose from in-studio & approx 1000+ Online.  Please click here - shop online


  • How do i add my measurements? 
  • You can either request the smart phone app or book an online measurement with the team. You can even add your measurements online if you would prefer, just remember to send us three images of your self so that we can recheck all measurements! Click here for more details. 


  • Do you offer all garments online? 
  • No we have a limited selection online, for the full cloth selection & available styles contact the team either via in- person appointment booking or via video chat (online appointment) for both men & women.  


  • Can I choose a garment online & save it? 
  • Yes just remember to add it to your wish list, by using the green wish list button. The wish list will pre-populate when you return to the website with your saved items within.





  • What is your payment options?
  • We offer a number of payment options to our clients both online and in-studio. If you have any questions please do reach out. 


  • Do you offer payment installments? 
  • Yes , We offer installment plans (All orders will need to be fully paid before being internationally dispatched). For more information speak to the team.


  • Can I use more than 1 discount code?
  • We are afraid not. But you can use the one that offers the best reduction for you at the time. Please do note discounts codes normally have expiration dates. 


  • Were can I find your reductions/ discounts?
  • Please click here 



  • What is the turnaround time for a bespoke suit?
  • Our standard cutting time is 8 weeks +, dependent on the time of the year and if we already have your pattern drafted, please check cutting slot availability. 
  • *Please do note the book early & save wedding promotion is on a 12 week+ cutting time line (not including shipping) . 


  • Do you offer faster options? 
  • Yes we cut approx. 40 orders per month and reserve 8x fast track cutting slots per month. dependent on house cloth & cloth availability we can offer 2 weeks, 3 weeks & 4 week options, all options are chargeable.  


  • Do you offer reductions if booking in advance? 
  • For wedding bookings we offer a 20% reduction if booking & reserving your cutting slot in advance, this is called book early & save.  the order should be more than 3+ months in advance. This enables us to spread our bespoke orders and the work involved through out the year... etc the cutting, drafting, stitching & ordering of cloth, as well as any final adjustments that might be required. This helps us keep our stitchers and pattern cutters in full time employment. 


  • How much time would you recommend when ordering? 
  • Its best to speak to the team, if your not purchasing a fast track cutting slot. Click to review options.





  • Do you deliver internationally?
  • Yes we do. You will need to add your shipping address online when placing your order and the online system will automatically work out the shipping cost. 


  • If placing an order from inside Europe will i have to pay extra costs. etc. taxes & custom charges.
  • All international orders are dispatched directly from our production departments outside of the UK.  Local custom & tax fee's are the responsability of the client. 


  • Do you offer Free shipping?
  • Throughout the year we may offer free shipping, dependent on the time of the year and the promotions being run.


  • Which courier service do you normally use? 
  • We use DHL & similar postal services throughout the world. 




  • Where are you located?
  • We operate & run tailoring visits throughout Ireland & the UK as well as a full time studio(s) in both Birmingham & Dublin.  Please see diary for scheduling an appointment. 


  • Do i have to pay for adjustments? 
  • We offer both online & in-studio professional measurements conducted by the team, any adjustments required are covered during the fitting procedure as long as either a measurement or fit guarentee has been purchased. Please see full terms & conditions for further details.   


  • How do i get fitted  if I purchase online? 
  • We offer online fitting appointments,  easily booked and arranged, just ask the team.  


  • How do I use the smart phone measurement app? 
  • Please click here to request the link.


Weight gain or weight loss (Changing body size)



  • Will i be charged extra if i have changed size? Since being measured.
  • If you have changed size & not informed the team & not asked for a re-measure, yes you may be liable for the additional adjustment work conducted. 


  • Can i change size while my custom garment is being made? 
  • Of course you can (we expect it), we only ask that you keep us informed (as we aren't mind readers) as we do cut are garments down to approx 1cm / 0.25" of your previous measurements taken. 


  • How do i get Re-measured?
  • We offer two options to re-measure your size: 
  • 1. In-Studio: You can schedule an appointment to visit our studio for a quick re-measurement (approx 30 mins).
  • 2. Mobile App Measurement: Alternatively, you can use our mobile app, (approx 2 mins) which only requires taking two images of yourself. This will allow us to accurately verify your size information.


  • When should i be re-measured?
  • We advice getting re-measured approx 2 weeks before your given fitting date.  



  • Can my suit be altered if I change weight/body shape?
  • Yes all of our garments are made with inseam allowance approx. 3.5 inches / 8.89cm across the chest of a Jacket.  Trouser waist approx. 2.5"/ 6.35cm, hem of trousers approx. 2.5" / 6.35cm & trouser inner seam approx. 1.5" / 3.81cm for tapering in & letting out. 


  • What If I order a garment online & it doesn't fit well or i've put some weight on? 
  • We have a couple of options to help you, we do offer fit guarantees, these are designed for peace of mind if ordering in advance or simply ordering online. You simply purchase a fit guarantee for the time period you require and that fit guarantee will cover any adjustments  if required or a full remake of your garment if deemed necessary /required. Please speak to the team regarding the fit guarantee.


Postage costs when ordering online


  • If I order online will i have to pay additional postage costs?
  • When purchasing online the website will work out the initial postage cost to pay. We recommend purchasing a fit guarantee these are designed to cover any additional costs that might be accrued during the fit process. If a fit guarantee is not included additional costs might be accrued (for further details see full terms & Conditions below).