A Very Dapper Wedding Tuxedo - A Hand Tailored Suit

A Very Dapper Wedding Tuxedo

Mr. Bains attended his final fitting for his bespoke wedding suit in the summer and this was a special piece to tailor. He first reached out to us and provided an image of what he wanted which, from there, we were able to create a fully detailed bespoke piece he looked extremely dapper in. Let's explore the suit in more detail.

A great example of a piece to wear for a black tie wedding, Mr. Bains' suit was a three-piece consisting of a contrasting Vitale Barberis Canonico jacket and pure wool trousers. Underneath he wore a contrasting custom waistcoat as well as a bespoke shirt to fit him perfectly for the big day.

The weave of the jacket cloth was a birdseye pattern and as you can see on the jacket cuffs, the buttonholes were finished in mid-grey which ensured they were softly noticed. The buttons including on the front, were fabric covered and black to contrast the jacket. The pocket square was a black paisley satin print which in turn, was the matching lining inside and finishing for the working flash cuff.

The waistcoat was single-breasted, finished with contrasting grey fabric buttons and shawl lapels with collar piping. As it was lined with black satin paisley, there were also two thin double jet pockets and a notched hem with a smooth curved edge leading to the hem. This layered over his white cotton shirt that was customised with black buttons for the fastenings and a classic collar. With a contrasting bow tie too to accessorise, the overall wedding suit was grand and smart with fantastic detailing!

On behalf of the tailoring team Mr. Bains, it was an honour making your bespoke wedding suit! You looked amazing and many congratulations to you both! We hope you had a lovely wedding!


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