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A Ladies Bespoke Three Piece Wedding Suit!

It was a wedding suit fit for a very dapper lady.  Aimee looked absolutely incredible in hers! Her wedding was a couple of months ago and we felt honoured to have been given the role of making and tailoring Aimee's three-piece suit from scratch - and what a suit it was!

Each piece of the suit (jacket, waistcoat and trousers) were cut from a lovely navy blue botanical print cloth which had a great sheen to its appearance, already making it a great choice for a wedding suit. Her jacket was a single-button fastening with two flapped pockets positioned below the waistline. The classic welt breast pocket was defined through the orange pocket square on show. The shoulder line was soft yet structured with a subtle rounded shoulders to give a bit of height; but what paired so great with this were the lapels.

Now these were very modern for Aimee's wedding suit. The outer line of the lapels indicate it to be the classic notch style; yet they link up perfectly to the extended collar to create this unique feature and furthermore, flatter the shoulder line more in an elegant way.

Bespoke tailoring always comes down to the finer details, especially with a special suit such as a wedding suit. The choice of the lining inside the jacket was rust orange which definitely would have some impact with blue and orange being complementary colours. The lining and jacket cloth were separated with a thin white satin edge which softened the colour combination slightly, whilst also linking nicely to her colour shirt for her attire. A pop of orange was also included on the three-button cuffs with the last buttonhole finished in orange embroidery, a hint to reveal the gold satin flash cuff in the jacket.


Her waistcoat was cut in the single-breasted style with a five-button front and to define it further, the garment was bound with a satin edge on the neckline and centre front. Two welt pockets were featured in the item too, along with a contrasting waistcoat adjuster on the back against the rust orange satin back. The trousers were fitted with a tapered hem that partnered really well with her heels, with extra tailoring features including buttoned jet pockets on the back and side pockets. Styled with a bow tie underneath her classic collar, Aimee definitely looked sophisticated and sharp on her wedding day!

Image provided by Aimee directly to us

It was important that her suit fitted perfectly for her wedding day and from the review she left us, she definitely loved how it fit and how she felt on her wedding day. On behalf of the tailoring team Aimee, many congratulations to you and thank you for sharing your wonderful images from the special day with us!


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