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BESPOKE BENEFITS By A Hand Tailored Suit

If you are looking to step into the bespoke world, look no further than the home of authentic bespoke tailoring & the benefit of having something made to fit you! With made to measure the fundamental measurements are taken along with the garment & the garment is cut from a standard genetic block, for instance you get measured &  the block that's closest to your own measurements and then tweak it to the nearest match readily available. When you visit our studio, you are visiting our house, a place of enthusiasm and dedication to deliver you a piece of perfection.
You put your confidence in us and we will deliver you a stunning bespoke garment.

The advantage with bespoke is there's not any block, there are no limits there aren't any limitations.
If you're a 38.75 torso, then we cut only for this, we have your pattern drafted and a template of your own body takes shape, allowing us to adjust your paper pattern when ever needed, keeping this updated so that we can use this again and again in the future.
We make note of every angle and contour, rear contour, your own bodies make up it's your own profile keeping notes of your needs.

That's bespoke advantages, its about match, the cut, the exact dimensions of each component of the body, and also documentation of body position and profile to make a blueprint to your own body and make sure the maximum quality garment.
That's the calibre you are buying when purchasing bespoke, each and every bit is an investment into your own personal brand and just you wait until you pull on the jacket and pants for the first time and it fits as it ought to do, the wool is soft and beautiful and it is designed precisely how you wanted it to become. The term Bespoke has been coined on London's Savile Row when master tailors urge cloth that has been Best Spoken due to a few of their customers, the expression bespoke today is normally utilized to refer to something handmade, created from scratch with a skilled craftsman, a genuine artist managed to visualise a body form and posture by taking a look at numbers on paper and a newspaper template made for each and every client.
We're known as A Hand Tailored Suit for a reason, the clothes are authentic bespoke, created with skill and attention for each individual customer, no two suits are exactly the same, it is what makes this company so exciting, two individuals could design the specific same suit, fabric, liner, lapel, pockets and ports, the lot along with both suits continue to be entirely different, and it is all down to the quality, care and skill gone into the building of each outfit. Tailored For You We're enthusiastic about satisfies, We're passionate about our clients, clients who become our friends.




A Hand Tailored Suit, the tailoring company offering you a slice of London’s Savile Row for a cut of the cost. Bespoke custom clothing for Men, Women & Children, we offer only the finest of cloths from only the finest of cloth merchants from around the world. Call us in the UK 0121 368 1052/ Our UK studio’s in Birmingham and Leeds and Manchester click here to contact us.

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