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Billy Kimber's Bespoke Style

Billy Kimber, also known as William "Billy" Kimber, well-renowned criminal boss.

Played by Charlie Creed-Miles, Billy Kimber establishes himself as one of the first enemies of Thomas Shelby and the "Peaky Blinders". He's a well-known face in the racecourse industry, controlling them and leading his gang to become a high criminal. When he learns of Thomas Shelby fixing some of the races, Kimber pays him a visit and from then on, the battle is on. His style, being an organised gang leader - and a prominent one at that - he can definitely ensure to own a few well-tailored attires. Here are just 3 of Billy Kimber's best bespoke style.

 Outfit #1

Series 1

 He's well established and so is his tailoring as he travels in sartorial style, always wanting to look sharp. Billy Kimber wears a grey double-breasted overcoat cut from a Prince of Wales check and accessorised with a burgundy pocket square in the welt pocket. The notch lapels are wide but folded neatly against the chest, enhancing the sharp cut of this coat once more. The shoulders are rounded to show his status and position and the overall look is completed with his rounded shirt single cuffs showing through the coat sleeves and a classic trilby hat.

Outfit #2

Series 1

Here, Kimber wears a rather fine grey twill weave suit in a three-piece style, the jacket and waistcoat all of a single-breasted cut. The rounded shoulders are really on show here to emphasise who is the boss and the wing collar for a bit of extra formality. A grey cravat is tied tightly at the knot in the centre of the collar, decorated with a silver jewelled tie pin and tucked behind his waistcoat. A gold pocket watch chain is tucked into one of the waistcoat welt pockets which simply conveys his wealth, as does the bright red pocket square in the jacket welt pocket. Notch lapels tone the suit down to more of a classic business attire; but Kimber ensures he's dressed to a high standard.

Outfit #3

Series 1

Billy Kimber, series 1: "Nobody works with me. People work for me.”

 It's the final scene with Billy Kimber in the last episode of series 1, where he and his men are to fight with Tommy and his men outside the Garrison. He's dressed for the fight in a grey striped three-piece suit, a striped style that was common at this time. It's long in the body as Kimber has the jacket fastened with two buttons and his black notch lapel overcoat worn on top, of course to keep warm but also for him to keep his suit clean. His tie is a cornflower check blue piece with hints of purple and a darker blue running through the cloth as it's fastened underneath his rounded detachable collar on his striped shirt. He's chosen double cuffs for the occasion as his trousers are straight cut, finishing just above the ankle. The suit can be seen in full below in this iconic scene; but it was Thomas Shelby who delivered the final word in the Shelby/Kimber duel.


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