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For Mandy and Sophie: A Gretna Green Wedding

This wedding was really special for our tailoring team, as we had the honour of tailoring both brides and their smart wedding attires. Before we take a further look at their attires, we would like to send our many congratulations to Mandy and Sophie who tied the knot on the 18th August at the famous venue of Gretna Green!

Wedding imagery shared with us by Mandy and Sophie.


We begin with Mandy's attire for their Gretna Green wedding, who wore a four-button waistcoat in its single-breasted form. As the front was cut from a dark forest green cloth, the back was contrasting in a charcoal grey shade with a matching belt adjuster and silver buckle. The double jet pockets were positioned near the bottom as the hem was of a notch style, the notch points sharp whilst contrasting the subtle curve line leading to the notches on the side seams. Lined in blue paisley satin, the buttons of choice were tan in colour and of the horn style.

To match the back of Mandy's waistcoat, we cut a pair of slim-cut trousers in the same cloth, designed with angled pockets on the front and belt loops across the waistband. The hem of the trousers were cut to sit just above the tan shoes whilst creating a subtle break above the ankle and still showing the centre crease of the garment. The same style was also cut for Sophie's trousers, constructed from a lovely navy blue cloth to complement her waistcoat also.

Sophie's waistcoat was also cut in the single-breasted form with four buttons down the front and two angled double jet pockets on the front; yet an extra double jet ticket pocket was included on the centre line. The front of the garment would be made from a grey/brown check cloth with hints of blue running throughout the design, picked out well through the satin blue paisley lining and the contrasting navy blue back also. The waistcoat belt adjuster would match the blue with a silver buckle also, whilst completed with the same notched hem line that we designed for Mandy's waistcoat too. Both waistcoats were worn over their custom white shirts with stand-up collars (with two additional shirts made also) as their tailored attires were accessorised with matching boutonnières and Sophie completing the wedding look with a dapper pocketwatch chain on the waistcoat.

Massive congratulations to the newlyweds, Mandy and Sophie! You both looked amazing and we're honoured to have made your special wedding outfits!


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