Ladies Business Attire at A Hand Tailored Suit - A Hand Tailored Suit

Ladies Business Attire at A Hand Tailored Suit

Ladies Business Attire at A Hand Tailored Suit


Business attire for women has grown into a vast array of garments. Blazers, waistcoats, trousers, skirts and shirts can be worn together in two and three piece suiting variations or as individual garments to suit the individual styles of the stylish working woman of today. Here at A Hand Tailored Suit, we specialise in ladies business attire, office clothing and formalwear offering all of the above mentioned garments tailored and made to measure for you available in any fit, colour, design and pattern you desire.


        Female Suiting at A Hand Tailored Suit

Trouser Suits
The trouser suit has gained a lot of traction in recent years with women in the workplace. The versatility provided by both a bespoke blazer and tailored trousers allows for the ensemble to be worn with a blouse, shirt of even plain top offering the working woman a choice with her work attire.

Options with us are varied and numerous. For your blazer, you can select the fit, amount of buttons and even the fabric and print of the garment. The same rules apply for your selection of tailored trousers – you can even choose the style of pockets and amount (or absence of) belt loops.

     Tailored and Fitted Skirts at A Hand Tailored Suit

The skirt is another popular choice for business attire and even can be worn as more casual relaxed attire outside of the work place. Whether you prefer for example the A-line skirt to the pencil skirt, the choice is yours at A Hand Tailored Suit. You can pick the length, style and fabric of your skirt that is made exactly to your measurements.

This dual functionality of the skirt can lend itself to the design. For example a deep navy  pencil skirt can be worn with a white bespoke shirt in the office and easily be worn again in a more social setting for a classy and fashion conscious look.

  Tailored Shirts at A Hand Tailored Suit 

While the word ‘shirt’ can connote a basic white garment for some, this is not the case when you get a shirt from us. As with all of our garments, shirts are completely customisable in every way possible. You can even pick the colour of the stitching used in your design. Whether you would like a more relaxed or structured fit is also up to you. With the shirt existing as the perfect finishing touch to your business attire, it is important that you can ultimately decide upon how you want it to look.

Why not add a pop of colour with choosing anything from our extensive fabric range. Colours, patterns and finishes allow you to create a personalised garment that can be worn again and again in any situation.

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