Ladies – what suiting style do you fit into? Take our Quick Quiz - A Hand Tailored Suit

Ladies – what suiting style do you fit into? Take our Quick Quiz

Ladies – what suiting style do you fit into? Take our Quick Quiz

Knowing that taste and fashion is wholly individual; we also know that people can share style eccentricities on a common ground. When it comes to female suiting and office/formal wear, what remit does your suiting style fall into? Would you favour the classic, the contemporary or a concoction of the two? Take our quiz to find out . . .

  1. It is your first day in your new office job. You want your choice of attire to convey both confidence and style so you pick:

A. A knee length pencil skirt in a dark colour worn white a plain white fitted shirt/blouse.

B. You choose a trouser suit cut from a brightly coloured fabric or fabrics alongside a fitted shirt.

C. Wanting the best of both worlds, you opt for a blazer and skirt combination.

  1. To transition seamlessly from the office to a social event after work without time to change your outfit; you would wear:

A. Suit trousers together with a patterned blouse with a tailored overcoat.

B. A high-waisted sheath skirt in electric blue, a bespoke blazer in a more muted black or white and a blouse with design detail.

C. You would choose a tailored trouser and fitted waistcoat ensemble cut from a pinstripe patterned fabric and finished with a plain shirt.

  1. At a meal out with your partner, you would feel your best in:

A. A dress that finishes below the knee that you would wear with a tailored overcoat.

B. Picking a skirt variation worn alongside a dainty dress shirt or plain top that is overall simple but effective.

C. Choosing to wear a maxi skirt with a plain top, you would finish this with a slim-fit blazer.

  1. For a business meeting where you are presenting to the meeting attendees, your power suiting would consist of:

A. The skirt, shirt and jacket ensemble whereby the suiting is a dark/neutral coloured and the shirting is a plain white.

B. A trouser suit worn without a blazer or jacket and is finished with a scarf or knotted neckerchief for detailing.

C. Picking a patterned pleated skirt and a plain shirt/blouse to be worn with minimal accessories or embellishments.

  1. You and some friends are attending the opening of a new art exhibition. The invite calls for a colourful yet smart dress code. Your outfit of choice is:

A. Your pastel coloured blouse is worn together with a patterned skirt and a plain bespoke blazer.

B. You would opt for a plain top accentuated with a pop of colour from your pencil skirt.

C. Your three piece suiting would comprise of a patterned waistcoat and a colourful blouse.

If you answered mostly A’s – then you are the timeless traditionalist:
An acute sense of the classic seeps into your style in that your garments and ensembles are traditional staples of female suiting. From the unassuming neutral coloured skirts, trousers and blazers that are comfortably worn with white blouses, a strong and reliable sense of classic style is born. This attire is never garish and buttresses rather that overshadows the working womans acute acumen.

If you answered mostly B’s – then you are the contemporary connoisseur:
On the pulse of sartorial stylings and trends, your suiting and formal attire is not dictated by but more so draws inspiration from modern culture. Colours and fits are virtually limitless and patterned pieces are not void from the style palette. Conscious that suiting garments can be worn together or individually, your ensembles always have a unique edge within the formal remit.

If you answered mostly C’s – then you are the rogue rule-breaker:
Far from being confined to a particular style, you are most comfortable by picking and choosing what works for you – regardless if the result is either traditional or modern. Yet with this, your own sense of style shines through which brings a cohesion to your ensembles. Your wardrobe is equipped with plain and patterned pieces and garments such as fitted waistcoats and tailored overcoats make an appearance.



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