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Mathieu and Pierre Cadault - Style Runs in the Family!

They sometimes say style and fashion runs in the family - and in this case with Mathieu and Pierre, it definitely does. Pierre Cadault (played by Jean-Christophe Bouvet) is the fashion designer of his own line and one of Savoir's clients, with Pierre's nephew Mathieu (played by Charles Martins) running the business side of the fashion line. At the end of season 1, we see Mathieu and Emily dating when it was left on a romantic cliffhanger, which meant we were to see more of Mathieu in season 2 and his style. Here are some of the coolest outfits worn by the nephew-and-uncle duo.

If you watch the clip above, you will see Mathieu ready to head on a trip to St. Tropez with Emily and dressed to travel in style wearing a striped blazer which is red, white and green in colour and lined in red also. The casual nature of the tailored piece is enhanced through the large patch pockets with the subtle styling of the pocket square in the top patch pocket. Mathieu pairs this blazer with a casual white shirt worn open collar and a pair of dark navy jeans.

His style in season 1 did involve a few sharp suits and in episode 2 of the latest series, this forest green three-piece is added to his collection of sharp looks. Both the jacket and waistcoat are single-breasted with a two-button fastening on the jacket. The classic flapped pockets and welt pocket are included on the jacket with notch lapels and a floral pocket square to complement the tie he wears. The waistcoat hem is notched and the neckline a V-shape with no lapels included, nor are they needed for this streamlined style. The grey colour scheme of the accessories help pick out the thin grey stripes on his white shirt with a semi-cutaway collar for an overall sophisticated suiting look.

From the nephew to the uncle now and in episode 6 during a photoshoot of Pierre Cadault's work, he is seen wearing an all-black ensemble which is made quite noticeable through the addition of gold detailing. The jacket he wears is single-breasted with a one-button fastening and shawl collar with thin double jet pockets also included. With four-button cuffs on the sleeves (all buttons covered in fabric too throughout the jacket), what makes this piece stand out are the embroidered gold bees placed on the top of the chest to where the lapel point ends. It's a very chic piece for the fashion designer!

From a refined two-piece to something quite royal and very fitting for the setting in the final episode. Pierre attends the show of fellow fashion designer (and rival) Grégory Elliot Duprée (played by Jeremy O. Harris) but not only does he attend, he makes a statement grand entrance. His costume is very Georgian-inspired for the setting at Versailles as it is made up of an array of colours including purple, blue, mint green and white all conveyed through a shimmery and embellished nature. The outfit is definitely made extravagant through the very long turquoise train on the back of his sleeveless coat, and what better way to make a statement than to wear it with your signature on it too?

Will we see more of the nephew-and-uncle duo in the upcoming third and fourth seasons of "Emily In Paris"? Who knows, but their styles are very much sartorial worthy.

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