Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 Women's Fashion Roundup - A Hand Tailored Suit

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 Women's Fashion Roundup

Milan Fashion Week (or MFW for short) is the third event in the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks. Before Paris kicks off their runway, Milan showcases its designers. Like its foreign cousins, London and New York, Milan is a semi-annual event that shows design to the press, the public, and potential buyers. Happening in Milan, Italy, in February/March, the autumn/winter collection is showcased and in September/October the spring/summer collections are rolled out.

Many on the high-street watch fashion week to influence upcoming trends and each fashion week also influences other designers. What upcoming trends will be in all the shops come autumn? Let’s investigate Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 women’s fashion roundup.

Jil Sander 

The Jil Sander runway this season consists of tailored polished looks in a neutral colour palette. The model in the first look wears a simple black tailored suit with a deep v-neck with a high button fasten. The trousers are tailored but a little baggy. The look is finished with brown pointed toe leather shoes that would work for the office!

The second model wears a baggy navy double-breasted suit in three-pieces with an almost tailored version of the gaucho pant, cropped and paired with tall brown leather boots. The look is new but still sleek.

The final look has the model in a similar blazer single-breasted blazer to the second look but a little more fitted (but not fitted to the shoulders) with a white blouse and gaucho-tailoring in white (this time). Instead of boots, the shoes from the first look are back but in white and paired with stockings to make a sort-of 17th-century silhouette. The model wears a bold statement necklace in contrasting amber.

Alberta Ferretti 

The Alberta Ferretti runway takes some of London’s sparkle. The model wears a wide lapelled boxy silver blazer with a black blouse. The trousers matching trousers were high-waisted with a braided belt, almost resembling 80s acid wash jeans, but the interesting detail is how the trousers and boots seemed to merge into one (or it could be an elasticated ankle!).

The next look is a menswear tweed in dark grey and caramel brown with high-waisted tailored trousers and finished with purple boots!

The final look is a sleeker beaded jumpsuit with sheer detailing and matching boots, cinched at the waist with a matching belt.


The N21 runway was full of colour and shine. The first look was an ill-fitted baggy dress in beautiful colours of silver and emerald green (a colour trend this season) with a peplum waist and a tailored skirt and a take on 1920s heels but with a pointed toe.

The second look is a variation on the first but in black beading and sequins and a lovely emerald stiletto. The bodice of the jacket is fitted and buttoned to the neck and the skirt is pencil like yet with some flow.

The final look is a sleek little black dress but fitted tea-length. One-shoulder has thick chain detailing and the bodice is fitted and sleek. The model’s handbag is reminiscent of the 1950s and the 20s shoes are back without a heel.

Which design did you love and which collection did you loathe?

We’d love to know your Fashion Week opinion. Did we miss something? Did you love a designer’s collection?

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