New Wedding Suiting Styles & Colours 2022 - A Hand Tailored Suit

New Wedding Suiting Styles & Colours 2022

New Wedding Suiting Styles & Colours 2022

We do not have any limitations, a bespoke suit is essential to have if you're thinking of having separate trousers or a contrasting waistcoat look no further with a special occasion coming up. 

Booking in is simply select the best time for a fashion consultation and please click on the link. So far this season we've been designing lots of fantastic contrasting waistcoats in tweeds or cashmere and jacquards and printed and textured with contrasting twists as noticed above magnificent or matching bow-ties and fabric ties. If you have your unable to get what you're looking for: email this to our main email along with an image and we will return to you on the style and the cloth.

For contrasting waistcoats allowing the check to be very classy and not to bold dog tooth and Puppy tooth designs work very well. When wearing a contrasting waistcoat, we would recommend matching cashmere or tweed or pure-wool using a hint of colour matching your suit colour, such as the navy blue check. With bespoke its all about the small details from getting your wedding date embroidered inside your suit jacket or under the collar this can be done in several colours, we will guide you through each step of the process, if your after something amazing to your big day book in sooner rather than later, our timeline is 12+weeks for cutting, plus a couple of weeks for any adjustments this could take a little longer when sourcing fabric from various mills. Should you need something a little different allow us the time it will be worth it in the end.

Here at "A Hand Tailored Suit" We will custom design and custom create your bespoke apparel: if its jackets, trousers, contrasting waistcoats, bespoke shirts, bespoke ties or cravats and bow-ties, we could match lining colours or offer to cut them out of your fitting waistcoat cloth or suiting fabric even your pocket square. Here's stunning light grey cashmere with contrasting check waistcoat with lapels with a pop of colour by the bespoke sky blue button-down collar shirt. , single breasted 2 buttons two piece suit worn. Colours for 2022, so far, medium grey and light grey plus suiting and beige tweeds are currently functioning nicely, plus mid blue suit with a texture in the cloth like a Bird's Eye or pick on pick, plus glen check, prince of Wales check, just to name a few.



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