Quantum of Solace - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Quantum of Solace - Shaken and Not Stirred

There you are 007.

This situation which Mr. White is involved in is escalating, and seemingly into our own organisation with someone who was my personal bodyguard, Mitchell, for at least 5 years. We could've brought him in for questioning but instead you decided to ruin the chance of a lead: a lead on what this organisation is! How can they be everywhere and yet we have no clue of who they are!

007, I understand you are angry about what happened to Vesper, but you must focus. There are those who think I had suspended you pending further investigation, but you are my agent and I trust you. What Vesper was involved with is far more problematic than we initially thought.

The Mission

Notes we found on Mitchell are similar to ones traced to being deposited in a large sum at a bank in Haiti. He had a contact, Mr. Slate, a hitman who was assigned to target Miss. Camille Montes, girlfriend of businessman Dominic Greene, C.E.O of Greene Planet, and ordered the hit against Camille himself. Greene is colluding with General Medrano: if General Medrano overthrows the government, Greene is allowed a part of desert land from him. More is at play here as Intel have reported Greene belongs to an organisation called "Quantum". They are meeting at an operatic performance of "Tosca" in Austria. They think it is inconspicuous. Intercept the meeting and take pictures of who attends. Trust is important 007 and despite what happened on your last mission, Mathis is innocent. He will help. Find him in Italy before heading to Bolivia and attend a fundraising party Greene is hosting. Camille shall be there. Two things I warn you of: she is a Bolivian Secret Service agent, and MI6 are sending Miss. Fields to Bolivia to keep an eye on your movements. The CIA have been involved with a deal of some sorts with Greene regarding oil stocks, but I suspect Felix Leiter will tell you more. He knows the location of where Greene and Medrano are finalising a deal. Oil isn't Greene's main concern Bond. It seems Quantum are hiding water in a dam and plan to be the sole distributor of water to Bolivia, where Greene will blackmail Medrano's leadership to secure those rights for Quantum.

Your mission: Stop Dominic Greene and Quantum becoming the sole distributor of water in Bolivia or the General's coup to happen. This may just be the start of Quantum 007. We cannot allow them to continue with their plan if this is the organisation Le Chiffre and Mr. White are part of, the one we are trying to find.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

Your mission wardrobe, Bond:

1) For The Opera

We haven't provided you one but where there are opera performers, there shall be suits. A suggested two-piece black evening suit with a one-button dinner jacket and folded pocket square in the welt pocket should work. Choose one with a contrasting shawl collar and cummerbund on the waist and side pockets on the trousers. Wear a pleated dress shirt with clear buttons for the fastening and a small but angled bow tie for the finishing touch.

2) Sharp Tailoring

Two of your suits you will wear during this mission, the first being a dark brown two-piece option as you arrive into Bolivia paired with a lightweight white shirt and lighter brown patterned tie. The jacket has notch lapels, two flapped pockets and a ticket pocket, with a third buttonhole in the lapel whilst you opt to wear as a two-button item. For Greene's party, you have a two-piece midnight blue piece with a light shirt and blue tie with a subtle sheen. The dress code isn't entirely formal, hence the double vent in the jacket and notch lapels. The same pockets are included, with slim trousers and 4-button cuffs.

3) Casual Attire

You need to look like you are a spy suspended from duty in Bolivia also, so here is a dark navy zip jacket with a ribbed hem and subtle vertical pockets with a button fastening. The end of the sleeves gather slightly into the cuffs with a single button. Your navy polo shirt is short-sleeved with a short button placket and classic collar. Wear with dark blue denim jeans.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


Be ready 007 for these encounters:

Dominic Greene

C.E.O of Greene Planet and a member of Quantum. You may see him first in Haiti wearing a loose white shirt with a patch pocket on the chest and a Cuban collar with rolled-up sleeves. His choice of suit for the opera is a black two-piece with padded shoulders and subtle peak lapels. It is a two-button fastening with a low placement, thin pockets and a white dress shirt with plain buttons and velvet bow tie.

Camille Montes

A Bolivian Secret Service agent who will be at Greene's party in Bolivia as you attend with Mathis and Miss. Fields. Montes will wear a plain black dress, knee-length and with a sweetheart neckline. The dress has wide straps on the shoulders and the waist point slightly high to allow the bottom of the dress to fold and pleat naturally, creating a soft drape on the dress.

Miss Fields

An MI6 agent based at the Bolivian consulate. She will be tracking your movements from the moment you land in Bolivia. You will find her wearing a stone trench coat with an eight-button front, similar buttons you will see on the angled button pockets on the front too. A wide collar and notch lapels are also included, along with the matching belt tied round the front.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Gadgets directly assigned from myself again this mission 007, not Q:

The only gadget you have is your Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot phone. We need those images of who else is involved in Quantum. All other gadgets you shall have to source yourself 007.


You're my agent 007 and I trust you, Bond. It's a mission of revenge for not just you, but Camille herself with the General. On this mission, you may realise that you cannot hold onto the past of what happened to Vesper. Your Quantum of Solace is low 007. Come to terms with what's happened to save yourself.

Get Greene and find out what you can of Quantum. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.