The Bespoke Suit Style - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Bespoke Suit Style

When choosing to go bespoke there is a couple of things to understand first.

1/ Make sure you leave enough time, or pay the extra if you need peace of mind. Weddings, please allow enough time as much as you can 12 weeks + or more (recommended)

2/ Be it a wedding or a special event or work attire or casual attire, the process of having something bespoke custom made for yourself can’t be rushed.

3/ You start of with booking into see your tailor, the tailor will either take you through the cloth options or opt to get you measured first depending on how you feel, we take over 30 measurements and take a couple of body profile images also to make sure everything is cut and fits perfectly.

4/ The measurements are taken from the actually body (Skin) then the tolerance allowance is added on to make sure you have adequate room for movement I.e. super fitted, skinny fit, slim fit, relaxed fit, this is spoken about during your consultation, to assess what style and fit you would like.

5/ Then we take you through the linings, lapels, pockets, buttons, trimmings. Remember the devil is in the detail, this is when you have some fun going through the options. We will guide you through every detail.

6/ Once the client/ customer is happy, payment is requested either upfront or payment options can be discussed at this stage.

7/ The paper pattern drafting and cutting starts the cloth is ordered the lining plus the buttons and all trimmings are ordered depending on timing given and selected delivery time. We move your order to the the cutting table, this is first come first serve, as there is a limited number of suits we cut and make every week, our team of master cutters and stitchers work their magic bringing your creation to life.

8/ Then all our handmade garments are examined by our Qc master checkers, this can take some time as every detail is checked and double checked.

9/ When your order is ready to be dispatched this normally takes between 3-5 days when couriering from one side of the world to the other. We do ask you to be patient we do understand you can’t wait to try your new garments on.

10/ The fitting takes place and we will go through every detail of your suit to make sure your comfortable and all is as requested if we need to adjust this will be done in a timely fashion with a local seamstress’s normally within a couple of days at the most.

11/ Once your garment is ready to be taken away we do ask you to treat this with care and enjoy every minute wearing your new custom design.


A Hand Tailored Suit, the tailoring company offering you a slice of London’s Savile Row for a cut of the cost. Bespoke custom clothing for Men, Women & Children, we offer only the finest of cloths from only the finest of cloth merchants from around the world. Call us in the UK 0121 368 1052/Our UK studio’s in Belfast and Birmingham, click here to contact us.

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