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The Démodé Suit 

‘Démodé’ derives from the French language which means old fashioned and it's a usually used word with regard to fashion. Ironically as we have a tendency to evolve in fashion and make new ‘trends’ and ‘necessities’, we tend to are constantly reflecting on past must-haves for inspiration in modern times or to re-introduce previous movements. With vintage designs being effortlessly stylish, easy and always holding a place in fashion’s heart, it's no wonder that démodé clothing (particularly tailoring) is usually current and is inevitably changing into a more well-liked supply of fashion inspiration for ladies.

No need for an introduction, the Chanel suit has imprinted a style of suit that's forever in campaigns, magazines and on the highest of our list. Since the 1920’s Chanel has revolutionised feminine fashion by introducing the feminine garment (which we are extraordinarily grateful for) and creating her signature titled jacket. The boxy blazer has not changed at all over the years – the soft collar is commonly outlined with black lining or a worn trim with the most popular material being tweed or a similar heavy fabric. The short blazer is very tailored despite however not pinching the waist slightly just like the typical jacket; it instead finishes simply before the hips and proves to be a very flattering shape for many women. The jackets best quality is that the pretty pencil skirt that most commonly tends to be paired with it, as opposed to the trousers, but that is down to preference. there's no denying that this two piece is a subtle show stopper because it effortlessly oozes attractiveness, originality, magnificence and elegance and would be complete with a collection of pearls. Fashion’s empress Anna Wintour is a fan of the Chanel suit displaying its skilfulness in colours and thus proving that no greater stamp of approval is needed.
The pinstripe suit usually seen on the dashing 1920 English gentleman has came back this year to women’s tailored fashion with a lot of allure than ever. associate androgynous style suit, it's ideal for creative and fashion lovers as this style is specific and works brilliantly in a three piece variation. The pinstripe is fierce and fun because it will diverge from the average three piece female suiting. luckily this pattern exceeds its potential style rating in black, a very easy colour to work with and work in. Block colours can be laborious and so for those who don’t desire a huge change with a colour pop, this simple striped detail can prove that it is just as much of a success now as it was a hundred years ago. Pairing a waistcoat with the suit shows the beauty of tailoring as it even heightens the female shape. Vertical stripes are also quite slimming for people who would be conscious of patterns adding visual weight. A normal/cigarette trouser would work perfectly to finish the outfit and create the perfect vintage style work suit.
Another unforgettable era of fashion that's still influencing suit designs is that the seventies wherever fashion rules became more lenient and being the global rebel child was praised not punished. Granted, the flare trouser is maybe the foremost renowned trend from the time, the seventies have additionally given us Bianca Jagger. Jagger was a part of the rock monarchy and with it she expressed her calm, composed and feminine chic. Even in a three piece traditional suit Jagger couldn’t have looked more stunning and sleek. One particular all-white suit featured a classic blazer with shoulder padding, peaked lapels and jetted pockets with a flower brooch to provide character and to break up the one single colour. accompanying the jacket is a very simple white waistcoat and trouser, nothing extravagant to take from the carefree young, simple and stylish look that we still all crave nowadays to some extent. The Bianca Jagger suit has a place in fashion history and is an ideal option for the day to night suit, a splash of vintage fashion for the day and a ready to rock festive night time outfit.
Anna Wintour
Despite the literal meaning, démodé does not mean such a style is unwelcome today. Fashion is limitless and we all have to be compelled to seek inspiration from the past sometimes, even if it's to find the perfect suit to form that inspiration come to you a bit easier A Hand Tailored Suit have tailoring studios based in Birmingham, Cork, Dublin and Belfast where our helpful team have a wide range of colours, materials, styles and more to assist you to create your contemporary custom suit.


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