The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon's Weekly Highlights, 18-24 January - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon's Weekly Highlights, 18-24 January

The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon is generally known for wearing stylish suits to interview his guests. His past promotional looks show him wearing smart, two-piece suits with button-down shirts, ties, and even pocket squares. 

Jimmy's classic looks

Take a look at this denim shirt with paired with a classic black wool suit with notched lapels. He wears a traditional striped tie in deep maroon. The denim shirt adds a playfulness to the style as does the more casual belt buckle.



Thanksgiving throwback

In this look over Thanksgiving, Jimmy wore smart red trousers, a navy blazer, a white button-up, a black tie, and white trainers to make this smart-casual look.



The red trouser

This look of Jimmy's is a fun and unique one. As you can see with the way Jimmy plays with his style, any plain wool suit (without jacquard or elaborate patterns) can be dressed up or dressed down with ease. Jimmy here takes a button-up cardigan under his suit and leaves his collar and tie looser. The look is smart but warm and unique for colder days.


Classic suit style

In these two looks, Jimmy opts for a classic suit look especially with the navy wool suit with notched lapels and a navy striped tie. The classic black suit can also work for any occasion and be changed with ties, waistcoats, cardigans, t-shirts, and any other combination. 




Last week's look: Jimmy Fallon

Since the show has become socially distanced, Jimmy has traded his traditional two-piece suit looks for a more relaxed look, pairing his suits with a polo shirt, a t-shirt, and trainers. 

In this clip about Senator Chuck Schumer and his embarrassing flub and other news items like the new Bond film release date, Jimmy is wearing an olive green polo with an orange and white striped t-shirt underneath. He has opted for a classic black two-piece suit which can be dressed up and down and styled in a multitude of ways.

Daveed Diggs

Jimmy's guest actor, rapper, singer, songwriter, screenwriter, and film producer Daveed Diggs wore a new take on a classic shirt in pink linen with a zipper closure and a high-necked button closure (almost like a vicar's collar with a button!).

Alison Brie

In this clip with Alison Brie from Promising Young Woman, Jimmy again wears a classic suit, grey wool this time, with a white t-shirt and brown polo.

Alison wears a classic black dress and a Hollywood wave in her hair.

Hunter Schafer

American fashion model, actress, and LGBTQ rights activist, Hunter Schafer chose to go into the studio and had a socially distanced interview with Jimmy. She wore a black dress with gold hardware. Jimmy, this time, opted for suit trousers paired with a white button-up shirt and a wool v-neck jumper in black and a black silk tie.

In this clip, Jimmy interviews Hunter about her show Euphoria and they talk about their love of trucks.

How do you like to wear your suit?

Jimmy loves to play with his classic suit looks by dressing them up and down. Do you ever play with the versatility of your suit by pairing it with polos, jumpers, waistcoats, t-shirts, scarves, and other accessories? Have you ever worn trainers with your suit? Let us know!

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