Versace Autumn/Winter 2022 Menswear Show - A Hand Tailored Suit

Versace Autumn/Winter 2022 Menswear Show

The Versace Menswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2022 was unveiled last Wednesday (2nd February 2022) via a digital showcase and within it, were some eye-catching examples of tailoring, from suits to overcoats, worn with (as the video shows) attitude.

 The collection showcased confidence through the looks, filled with bold colours and vibrant patterns that are balanced with outfits more toned down but striking through the styling. Just from the thumbnail you see above, the model is pictured wearing a bright purple/magenta toned overcoat with those sharp peak lapels that automatically convey confidence. The overall presentation of the digital show was very well put together, of course a few items including the signature Versace logo and design of its logo, with a few models seen outlining the Versace on a board near the beginning and wearing a variety of jackets from a notched lapel striped overcoat to more casual, relaxed short jackets.

If you scroll through the collection of looks above, you'll see it starts off with the purple coat as previously mentioned; but the natural shimmer and shine of the material can really be seen here. The shoulders are slightly oversized but balanced out through the peak lapels, whilst underneath, we see a hint of chalkstripe made modern through the styling of the coat. Scroll through and the collection's bright colour palette continues with a blue and magenta duffle coat over a geometric striped shirt (same colours) whilst the orange cropped jacket is made sharper through the use of zips for the pockets. Notice the confidence exhumed from the two-piece chalkstripe suit with its pleated waist running down to the hem with centre creases, standing out to remain a classic choice for a two or three-piece suit.

Pinstripes and check suits can always be made exciting and this is exactly what the collection depicts. Take the first look above for example: the two-piece grey check suit with flapped pockets on the jacket is relaxed and long on the hem for a cool and casual finish and worn with a crew neck underneath; yet the statement of the black double-breasted mac coat over the top is just perfect. Tall welt pockets down the sides, sleeve belts on the cuffs and relaxed shoulders contrasted with the wide notch lapels of the piece. Switch up your coat choice with the chalkstripe suit by wearing a biker jacket that's enhanced with shoulder epaulettes and silver detailing, or brighten your conservative suit colour with a pop of colour underneath or through sharp gold accessories, much like the speckled black overcoat at the end.

The Autumn/Winter season will mean coats are a necessity, so make it a stylish statement piece as the golden yellow coat shall do. The welt pockets sitting waist level are cut in a darker shade to make it a defining detail and ensure it isn't lost. The buttons in this double-breasted form are brown horn buttons with the sleeves finished in a one-button design of the same style. The coat is finished with a subtle sheen to it, the darker pocket shade matching the shade where the coat material folds, something that can be noticed on the sleeves in particular. The peak lapels match the oversized shoulders and with the coat falling to mid-calf, it moves the attention to the charcoal grey check trousers with white speckles.

A suit can be a form of art as this double-breasted number from the collection conveys. The design of the cloth is edgy and similar to brushstrokes forming a standard check design, the yellow leopard print shirt underneath not taking too much attention away from that. The relaxed fit of the collection continues here with the looser fit down the sides and the wide leg trousers once more with subtle pleating at the waist. Six buttons on the front aid in enhancing the cloth design of this look, and the flapped pockets and peak lapels forming classic features of a double-breasted suit.

Never forget about knitwear in the colder weather - and be daring with it too by opting for a brighter shade of orange to brighten up the gloomy days. The model wears a cable knit crew neck underneath a matching cardigan, finished with seven black buttons as it's long in the body. The shoulders are relaxed and the casual vibe is made slightly smarter through the choice of plain charcoal grey trousers with a noticeable centre crease from the pleats. They are loose on the legs but secure on the waist thanks to the addition of a chunky black and gold belt for one of the main accessories. Opting for a vibrant knit is sure to be a statement, but so too will a vibrant pink and orange attire comprised of pink tailored trousers and a short diamond check knit as seen below.

Blues and purples were common throughout the collection and, as well as reflecting the winter colour palette, were also showing how to wear vibrant colours with confidence in this season. Above is a purple two-piece suit with a three-button front and short lapels, accessorised with a camel casual short jacket and a orange, pink and black geometric shirt underneath (the same pattern as seen throughout the collection). It's a soft blend of colours that encapsulate Autumn whilst exhuming the statement Versace want to portray for Autumn/Winter 22. The hem of the jacket curves gently round to the back and on the trousers are short waist pleats leading down to a subtle centre crease, The camel jacket has dropped shoulders and the collar curving to sit on the shoulders. The patch pockets are large and are edged in a subtle pink and yellow design, linking back to the print of the shirt nicely. The blues can be seen throughout a range of knitwear of jackets too, including a calf-length turquoise overcoat worn with flared purple trousers that together, looks very much wow.

 To go bold in an outfit, doesn't always mean wearing a vibrant colour in a suit, shirt or coat: embellishment does the same job. The casual jacket the model wears above from the collection is designed with ribbed cuffs and hem for that fitted look that's contrasted through the puffy shape of the coat. A gold zip is the main fastening but unfastened, allows a great shimmer to be seen on this embellished jacket running through to the collar also. Underneath, the look is kept simple with a black two-piece suit in the same styles seen previously with the three-button fastening, finishing with a luxury Versace bag and gold belt buckle.

What this latest Versace menswear collection shows is truly modern and expressive, conveying the use of bolder colours and patterns (as seen in the fluffy yellow coat with blue leopard print and the orange/pink emblem printed overshirt) and how they can be styled with more traditional, conservative colours. It's embedding the many styles of menswear and through the relaxed silhouette seen across many looks, says how relaxing and casual a vibrant outfit can be - all whilst worn with confidence, sartorial elegance and attitude.

What was your favourite look from the Versace Autumn/Winter 22 collection? Be sure to keep up to date with the latest runway fashion on our blog!


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