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What Are You Wearing On Your Wedding Day?


Congratulations! You're engaged and soon to be wed. While the place might have been determined upon, possibly the flowers and the cake are overly (and no doubts when the bride(s) is wearing a wedding gown which she's chosen this); but what about you personally and your suit? During the time you're confident that you a sporting a suit, is it a 2 piece suit or three piece suit? Which kind of design are you wishing to wear? There are numerous questions, but here we want to provide a choice of answers that will help you plan and cherish the private suiting information of your wedding day. Ladies, please don't forget and believe differently -- A Hand Tailored Suit cuts designed to measure bespoke clothing for gents and ladies for wedding suits and suits for many events.

Now you've decided about what to wear, how long can it take to get made and fitted to you flawlessly? Obviously you can personalize some of the aforementioned suiting choices down to every last detail (including the choice to deliver an image for use to your bespoke blazer liner all of the way to colour, size  It's your special day to use exactly what you need -- so naturally you are going to want this to be more special for you.

Perhaps you'd love to wear shoes for a laid-back occasion or possess a polka-dot set of tailored pants to reflect your style in your day -- the decision is yours.

This thicker and more durable cloth lends itself nicely to three piece suits. This fabric option is a favourite one for outside weddings since it provides an element of heat instead of traditionally skinnier suiting material.
The 3 piece suit provides an excess layer of bespoke tailoring so it includes a tailored waistcoat worn across the top beneath the blazer.


The 3 piece suit is very suitable to lounging along with also the wedding after party as without wearing the blazer, the wearer remains draped in bespoke apparel acceptable for your function.

Choice 3 -- The 3 Piece Suit An extremely elegant and classical design alternative is that of the 'tails'- that being a bespoke blazer comprising an extended spine that divides and paths in to two 'tails.' The choice of the extended back blazer can be available with no 'tails' and that is what we would refer to as a morning jacket.
Choice 4 -- Classic Tweed Suiting


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