What to Wear This New Year’s Eve 2019: Men’s Edition - A Hand Tailored Suit

What to Wear This New Year’s Eve 2019: Men’s Edition

To look smart for your New Year’s Eve celebrations, men have lots of variety to choose from. Most men opt to look dressier on New Year’s Eve. You may not choose to wear a full three-piece suit, but many suit looks can be both stylish and comfortable, allowing you to party the night away looking dapper. Let’s take a look at what to wear this New Year’s Eve 2019.

Velvet Suits and Tuxedos

Velvet is a trend that has been seen on the runway and on the red carpet lately and is definitely here to stay. Velvet used to be reserved for the gentry, but not anymore. This fabric, made from a rich short pile that gives a velvety touch, adds a touch of class to any suit.

Here’s a piece we wrote on David Beckham rocking an amazing green velvet suit with a shawl lapel. In this post about The Graham Norton ShowLenny Henry wears a smart black velvet suit with contrasting pointed lapels. Here’s some velvet suiting we wrote about from Milan Fashion Week. Examples of the velvet suit are everywhere!

You can opt for a single-breasted, fitted style or even double-breasted. For a special occasion, bright colours will pop such as rich greens, blues, browns, and violets, but black is fine too! You can opt for a crisp, white button-up with a thin black tie or bowtie.

Take a look at some of these men in dapper velvet suits. Which one would you choose?


Jumpers and Tailored Trousers

Another popular look that never goes out of style is a jumper with tailored trousers. You can opt for chunky knit, turtleneck, or anything in between and pair it with your favourite pair of tailored slacks (often grey or black) for a sleek yet comfortable New Year’s Eve look. You can finish the look with sleek leather shoes or boots or even casual trainers. Here are some examples.


Wool Suits

A classic that never goes out of style is your basic-yet-dapper wool suit. You can go for double or single-breasted with any number of cuts, colours, and styles. You can opt for classic colours such as grey, navy, black, or brown or go bold with jewel tones or neons. This kind of suit will never go out of style and can be paired with any look. You can dress up your suit with the classic button-up and a tie or dress it down with jumpers, t-shirts, and trainers. You can dress the same suit at least ten different ways to get the right look for any occasion. Let’s browse some wool suit looks.


Did you find inspiration in any of these looks?

Want to recreate any of these looks for your New Year’s Eve outfit or create your take on it? Tell us your favourite look in the comments below. Will you choose a suit for NYE or choose another look? Let us know.

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