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A Dapper Black Tie Wedding Party of 8!

The 17th Jun 2022 marked the gorgeous summer wedding of our groom Michael who married his lovely wife Maxine! Congratulations to you both on behalf of the entire tailoring team at #AHandTailoredSuit! Their wedding took place in Edgbaston in a venue decorated out glamorously for their special day, and for Michael's attire, it was all bespoke black tie to perfectly match the theme.

But not only was it the groom we had the honour of tailoring, it was his entire wedding party consisting of 8 dapper outfits!

Many thanks to Michael for sharing these wonderful images from the day with us!

The wedding party of 8 was made up of 3 three-piece suits with the groom wearing one of these, whilst the other 5 in the party were dressed in the same trousers and waistcoats. It really made the suits and overall collection really unique and fitting for the day, each gentlemen making the garments their own!

Including the groom Michael, two of the groomsmen sported three-piece attires that featured a double-breasted jacket cut from a champagne pattern white brocade cloth. The two buttons on the front were covered in wool, matching the three buttons on the cuffs, as was the chosen style for this detail. The flapped pockets were straight, designed with contrasting black jets to echo the sophisticated black satin shawl collar that outlined the front. They were lined in a lovely nude pink satin paisley which also featured in the welt pocket on the chest, almost a lovely way to honour the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. Below you'll see the jackets being fitted in our studio, along with a wonderful picture of Michael wearing his suit on the day!

The other five attires we made for the wedding party just included trousers and waistcoats; but they were constructed in the same cloths and were the same waistcoat design as worn in the three-piece ensembles.

These were real stand-outs and looked the part for Michael and Maxine's wedding! The same champagne pattern featured on the front as six woollen covered buttons were included on the front in the classic 3x3 arrangement. The shawl lapels were also cut from black satin which acted as a little sneak peek into what was a statement contrasting back to the garment. It was made even stronger through a further contrasting detail with the adjustable back belt. A pocket featured either side near the notched hem. The trousers were cut with pockets on the front and on the back, with subtle centre creases on the front for that crisp finish.

We also fitted a matching waistcoat and trousers for the youngest of the wedding party who looked very smart in his attire!

Our dapper wedding party of 8 looked absolutely spectacular wearing their bespoke wedding pieces, and we're so pleased to see how they turned out as well! Once again to Michael and Maxine, many congratulations to you both and sending you good wishes for the future! Here are just a few more images as shared with the team from what looked to be a memorable day indeed for the gorgeous couple.


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