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A Hand Tailored Chinos

The chino, first designed as a military cloth and then taken up by civilians due to its wear ability and comfort, chino fabric was originally made to be simple, hard-wearing and comfortable for soldiers to wear; the use of natural earth-tone colours also began the move towards camouflage, instead of the brightly coloured tunics used prior. The British and then American armies started wearing it as standard during the latter half of the 1800

The pure-cotton fabric is widely used for trousers, referred to as chinos. The original khaki is the traditional and most popular colour, but chinos are made in many shades

Chinos are among the most versatile garments you can have in your wardrobe.
It can smarten up a pair of trainers and a crisp white t-shirt, but also make a tweed and wool suit jacket a dress shirt and a some dress shoes somewhat casual.
A lot of dapper men that wear suits 9-5 tend to wear chinos on the weekends, perfectly acceptable for a casual lunch meeting, and comfortable enough to chase the kids through the park.
The chino is a garment you need to have in your wardrobe, available in virtually any colour you can imagine, they original chino tend to be earth tones, sandy browns and khaki green, been now we seen them go from reserved navy to the ever so bold red and even yellow.
We have something for everyone

Just like the Chino, it’s a garment for everyone, from the 8 year old making his first communion the 19 year old leaving for college for the first time or the busy dad enjoying his weekends on the golf course or with his family.

The Chino is an incredible item used by the everyday man to look stylish and sharp even outside of his bespoke suit.
The likes of David Gandy and Beckham can be seen wearing Chinos when not in jeans or a suit.
And if its ok for them its surly ok for me.


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