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A Ladies Suit for a Winter Wedding

Image provided by Joanne directly to us

It was a perfectly splendid wedding suit our tailoring team had the pleasure of making for Joanne's winter wedding on 15th December 2021 - and doesn't she look great?! During the final fitting, she tried on her bespoke three-piece suit and custom shirt and we can safely say she was very pleased with the final look! After travelling all the way from Northumberland to our Birmingham showroom, we were very pleased to see Joanne love her wedding suit, and here is the suit up close.

Both the jacket and trousers were constructed from a plain white cloth with a twill weave, the jacket itself cut in the single-breasted style with a single vent on the back. With the one button fastening on the front to mirror the occasion of the suit, the garment was completed with two flapped pockets sitting on a slight angle. The shoulders were softly padded and the top line smooth to complement the soft curve of the jacket front. Peak lapels were chosen and, along with most of the jacket, they were finished with reinforced stitches on the outer edge which aided in the suit's definition.

The final fitting showed why the choice of horn buttons featured on the jacket and waistcoat were the perfect ones. The tonal effect matched her shoes quite well as the cuffs were finished in a three-button formation, the same number included on the front of the waistcoat.

The white waistcoat was the statement of the overall suit, as its contrasting patterned design featured a low V-shape neckline and a sharp angled notch hem. Two thin double jet pockets were on the front and to make it even better, the waistcoat partnered well with the burgundy paisley satin lining inside the jacket, allowing both features to stand out strongly. Her welt pocket square and flash cuff also matched the lining. The neckline of the waistcoat was great to allow her white cotton shirt to be on show too, the buttons sewn on with contrasting red thread and the small band collar an elegant finishing touch to her tailored attire.

Joanne's trousers were tapered as the hem ended at a great position so not as to take any attention away from her shoes. A subtle centre crease was included on the front and two cross pockets on the front. Whilst the collar on the shirt was an elegant finishing touch to her wedding attire, what lay underneath her jacket collar was a lovely selection of words monogrammed to really make this wedding suit one to remember: "More Than Everything".

Images from wedding day provided by Joanne directly to us

Once again Joanne, on behalf of the tailoring team, we are so pleased you chose us to make your bespoke suit for your special day. Many congratulations to you both, you looked incredible!


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