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Aaron's Dashing Wedding Party of 3!

A couple of weekends ago in our #AHandTailoredSuit studio in Birmingham, we saw not one, not two, but three real custom showstoppers being worn! Before we delve into each individual attire, the tailoring team here would like to wish the groom Aaron and his partner Serena a huge congratulations on their wedding!

Thank you Aaron for sharing this fantastic image with our team, you both looked amazing and your three-piece suit looked even better on the day! Let's take a further look into the groom's dashing style.

The groom's jacket was cut from a white butterfly brocade cloth and designed with a contrasting black velvet shawl collar to epitomise the grandness of the wedding. Matching velvet detailing continued through the contrasting pocket jets of the flapped pockets, along with the one-button front and smaller buttons on the cuffs. A double vent was cut into the back and executed sharply, whilst the interior was lined in a satin black lining. The welt pocket on the chest would be styled with an accompanying black pocket square, whilst the shoulders were slightly rounded for extra height and to match the softness of the cloth itself.

Worn underneath the jacket would be a matching white brocade double-breasted waistcoat, designed with a six-button front and scooped neckline. The neckline would fall to mid-chest, whilst kept smooth with no lapel around the edge for that desired effect. The buttons are covered in fabric to match those on the jacket, whilst two single jet pockets also feature on the front. Lined in the same black satin as the jacket also, the hem would sit straight and sharp on Aaron and make his tapered trousers like as sharp too. Aaron definitely looked great on his wedding day, and our Instagram Reel of him trying on his special suit in our studio certainly shows how happy he was with it!



Fitted in a custom red/burgundy dinner jacket was Aaron's father-in-law, looking sharp also as it was styled with a bespoke double-breasted cream waistcoat and slim black trousers. The jacket was cut with a smooth shawl lapel on the front, designed with a embroidered buttonhole on the one side that was disguised quite well. A single button on the front would be the main fastening of the garment as smaller buttons of the same style were added to the cuffs of this double-vented piece. The welt pocket on the chest and both flapped pockets near the bottom would blend into the cloth's pattern quite well to create this smooth finish once more. When the jacket was unfastened, the waistcoat would become another statement detail with its scooped neckline, six-button front and a distinctive notched hem. Check out the full 360 view Instagram Reel of our gentlemen trying on his suit below before we review our final suit of this smart wedding party!



 Aaron's brother-in-law was the final gentlemen of our smart wedding party of 3, and his suit of choice was a classic black mohair jacket and trousers with a contrasting waistcoat for himself too. The jacket was also a single-breasted cut with a double vent on the back and contrasting black velvet shawl lapel, with the buttons on the cuffs matching also. His trousers were a slim cut with a subtle centre crease for that sharp finish to his wedding attire, whilst the classic welt and flapped pockets featured on the front of the jacket.

Aaron's brother-in-law also looked fantastic in his tailored suit too as our Instagram Reel shows our final 360 view of the suit! Just like the other waistcoats made for the wedding party, this design also had a scooped neckline with no lapels for that smooth finish; only this time it was included within a single-breasted cut. The garment would feature four buttons down the front with a double jet pocket positioned either side, level with the waist. The hem was notched and the colour was a luxurious dark purple which was cleverly echoed through the choice of satin lining in his jacket. It was a two-tone paisley print with shining elements of red and purple, and a hint of what lined the jacket was provided through the pocket square in the jacket's welt pocket. A matching purple bow tie was also made to complete his attire, whilst Aaron's father-in-law and the groom himself sported flared black bow ties each.

 Aaron, all three of you looked absolutely incredible in your custom suits and we're honoured we could make them for your wedding! Many congratulations to you and Serena once more, and thank you for sharing this extra image from the special day with our team!



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