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About: Huddersfield Textiles

Located in Huddersfield, and has been since it was founded in 1869, Huddersfield Textiles has embraced the historical reputation that the town has been steeped in within the textile industry over the years, and we've made a few custom garments using their cloths for our customers.

The phrase 'Made in Huddersfield England' can be seen on many selvedges of cloths which Huddersfield Textiles supply. Worn by famous faces past and present, including Royal members, the fascination with Huddersfield cloth lies within the history.

The raw wool was washed by local residents in the water that ran through Huddersfield from the Millstone Grit Pennine hills. The water ending up washing the raw wool so well, that it delivered a lovely soft texture and was a fantastic natural source due to its soft properties. Because of this, it was deemed to have "magical powers" and immediately, the booming industry of woollen textiles in Huddersfield begun. The locals with their expertise of weaving wool, spinning its yarns and creating cloths would be sold in the town; but then came the mills and advancing technologies that would transform the way wool was originally prepared. Mill work was the way forward, which meant spinning and weaving were carried out in a busier setting, along with the yarns being dyed as well as carding. Due to the precision, care and quality that resulted in fine cloths being developed, this is how Huddersfield became famous for their woollen products.

Despite the decline of the textile industry in the 20th century, Huddersfield Textiles still remain one of the leading names and providers of fine woollen cloths, with a huge range of collections suitable for occasion, outdoors and business purposes. Their featured cloths include their 'Integrity', 'VV150s' and 'Instinct' collections, along with a range of lambswool, cashmere and tartan cloths.

High-quality wool produces high-quality attire. Take a look at some of Huddersfield Textiles' cloths in action, cut and made into bespoke wear.

If you're interested in a bespoke garment cut from one of our Huddersfield Textiles ranges, get in contact with our team today to explore and find your perfect fabric! You can watch one of the fabric swatch books below on our Instagram.


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