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Antoine Continues to Mean Business in "Emily In Paris"

He became known as the successful owner of the luxury brand 'Maison Lavaux' and client of the marketing firm Savoir and, by the end of season 1, decided to invest in Gabriel's restaurant after finding out he was to leave Paris. This certainly meant Antoine (played by William Abadie) would be around more in season 2, and so would his sophisticated style.

In episode 1 where Emily goes to talk to Gabriel, Antoine makes himself known once more to us in the audience through his dapper style. In the clip above, he wears a dark navy two-piece suit with a light blue shirt and a gold yellow tie to accessorise. To match the shirt, a hint of a light blue pocket square can be seen in his welt pocket of his notch lapel jacket. It's also designed with the classic two-button front and flapped pockets. Another suit worth pointing out can be seen in the clip above that Antoine wears in the same episode during a private tasting menu of Gabriel's. It's a similar (if not the same) navy two-piece suit but this time, styled with light pink shirt and navy blue tie. 

Throughout the series, you'll see Antoine's suiting wardrobe expanded even more from his sharp looks of season 1, and one of those sharp looks is spotted in the trailer above. The suit in discussion (worn in episode 5) is a double-breasted plain navy two piece that he styles with a smooth navy tie over a white and blue butcher stripe formal shirt. With a six-button front, the suit is dapper thanks to many features of which we have to focus on the contrasting white shirt collar. It breaks up the blue colour theme of this look, with the white folded pocket square cleverly ensuring it doesn't go unnoticed thanks to the bold shirt collar.

 Episode 6 is the big night for Gabriel's restaurant, with many famous influencers and names in the culinary world coming to try out his menu and of course, the investor Antoine is there in effortless style. He wears a stone two-piece suit with a double vent on the back of the jacket and a two-button front. It's played down casually with two large patch pockets near the bottom and a welt pocket on the chest, defined through the styling of his patterned navy blue pocket square. The theme of blue continues as he wears a sky blue shirt underneath with a classic shirt collar and, to finish off, a plain navy blue tie.

A pinstripe suit in a double-breasted cut most definitely suits Antoine and owns the look. In episode 9 during a marketing meeting for his perfume evening event, the business owner sports a navy blue suit with white pinstripes and dark blue buttons on the front, arranged in the six-button style. The wide peak lapels and collar are perfectly accustomed to the double-breasted cut, accessorising with a crisp white pocket square in the welt pocket to match his classic collar white shirt underneath, finishing off the look with his navy blue tie.

 The sharp suits of Antoine's finish on a high whilst at the perfume event for his company and for it, wears a two-piece double-breasted camel/beige suit. The arrangement of the buttons on the front are six beige buttons with the bottom button used for the fastening. With thin double jet pockets and wide peak lapels once more, it has an overall calming vibe to what includes some sharp and business-like tailoring features. With pockets on the trouser legs also, Antoine completes the look with a crisp white shirt and dark brown tie to finish, picking out the hints of dark brown within the front buttons.

Antoine's style can certainly be summarised as someone who knows how to run a company and knows how to dress incredibly well too (keep an eye out for another perfect grey pinstripe three-piece suit he wears in episode 8!) so what will seasons 3 and 4 have in store for his wardrobe? 

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