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Arthur's Most Sharpest Attire

Arthur Shelby Jr., the oldest of the Shelby family.

Played by Paul Anderson, Arthur is the oldest sibling of family, one you would expect to take the natural leadership role; however, he becomes the supporting brother to the second oldest of the family. Arthur has experienced troubles over the series, showing more of his emotions and wearing his heart on his sleeve. Arthur is known for his brawn, becomes intimidating to others as he moulds into the role of Chairman of the Board regarding the family company; but it's his attire that is rather distinguishable amongst the rest of the Shelby brothers. Here are just 3 of Arthur's best Peaky Blinder attire.

Outfit #1

Series 1

 The family are noted for their wearing of tweed, overcoats and of course, the iconic flat caps; but Arthur's signature detail was more than that. He loved to wear a bow tie. Already that would separate his character from the rest, a subtle and a little quirky detail for the older brother. This particular three-piece suit is well-renowned for Arthur, sporting a light brown check pattern with a herringbone tweed flat cap. The waistcoat was cut with a flat hem, the only hint to a notched is through the bottom button unfastened. The shoulders were rounded and slightly padded, helping to establish him as a Peaky Blinder. The notch lapels are short just as they were on a three-button jacket. Long chain loops were the design for his waistcoat chain as a patch pocket featured on the chest and, last but not least, the matching thin brown bow tie. He does wear other ties throughout and a bow tie may not be the most intimidating accessory; but it worked, and Arthur made sure of it.

Outfit #2

Series 1

His tailored attire would vary from navy blues, to dark greys and blacks; but Arthur wasn't afraid to be a little different with his choice of coloured suit when carrying out Peaky Blinder business. His overcoat was more decorative, the weave of the tweed cloth fairly significant to making his presence known. The three-piece suit was a light grey number, the waistcoat fastened with six out of the seven buttons on front for that extra ease of movement. The gold pocket chain really distinguished itself against the lighter shade of grey, before Arthur finished with a white shirt and an all important wine red bow tie. Arthur Shelby made himself known.

Outfit #3

Series 5

Arthur Shelby, series 2: "This place is under new order of the Peaky Blinders!"

His marriage to Linda Shelby breaks down in series 5 as he runs Shelby Company Ltd. with Tommy away. It's after the Wall Street Crash, Arthur has high responsibility in the company and seeks to prove that to his family and, to Tommy. For this, his attire becomes more simple in pattern whilst keeping with his favourite three-piece style. The suit is a dark navy blue wool with peak lapels and broad shoulders, a sure way to symbolise his new position through his style. Buttonholes are neatly embroidered on the lapels with double jet pockets and his welt pocket decorated with a folded white pocket square. The shirt is double cuffed and white, designed with cream buttons and a standard collar to secure his black and red bow tie in place. The waistcoat includes four pockets, one holding a noticeable gold pocket watch chain. He's in charge, but will we see the oldest Shelby become the head of the family in series 6?

Which one of Arthur Shelby's attires was your favourite across the seasons? Relive the best of the Peaky Blinders ensembles on our blog as we delve into all of the Shelby family, along with the characters they've had to deal with along the way.

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