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Aunt Polly's Most Memorable Attire

There will forever only be one Aunt Polly.

Played by the late actress Helen McCrory, she will be truly missed in the final season of "Peaky Blinders"; but we are sure her character will live on and her presence will make itself known as we prepare for the final chapter of "Peaky Blinders."

Polly Gray is the head female of the famous Shelby family, and a strong woman at that who was still very much living in a man's world. She has experienced pain through the entire show, reunited with her long-lost son Michael and she herself, has never been afraid to get her hands dirty where business and the protection of her family was at stake. She did all this in impeccable style; but with so many memorable outfits that she wore, we've chosen our top 3 that portray who Aunt Polly was.

Outfit #1

Series 5

Remember this moment?

It was simply impossible to do a review of Aunt Polly's attire and not include this iconic suit from the beginning of series 5. After the Wall Street Crash and the prompt return of her son (Michael) from New York - and with his new wife - she's intending to keep the Shelby business going at all costs. It's a powerful dark grey three-piece suit that's worn with a black felt fedora, her black glasses and light grey gloves. Even the way she leans against the car suggests how strong she was, as the jacket is cut with flapped pockets near the bottom and of course, peak lapels. The single-breasted waistcoat sits high on the chest, holding down her black tie that's secured with a tie clip. The tie brings attention to the double layered shirt collar, sitting just on the waistcoat and, with her hands tucked into her wide-legged trousers, she always meant business.

Outfit #2

Series 4

Cast your mind back to series 4 and to the moment where Aunt Polly wore this powerful outfit, ensuring everyone would know who is the boss and symbolising a significant moment in her character. The outfit featured a wide collar that curved and held its sharp shape very well. The black jacquard shirt was tucked into a long pencil skirt and for her accessories, a long black necklace hung underneath her collar. Along the edge of the open collar on the black shirt are either ruffles or fabric button loops, an intricate element but all the more a subtle finishing touch. She wears a gun holster around her arm, the shirt cuffs rolled up and her confident stance to show, she means business - and she's not afraid.

 Outfit #3

Series 5

Aunt Polly, series 5: "I am a queen amongst the Romanies, and I too am unavailable."

We've seen her style evolve from the Edwardian-style skirt suits, pinstripes, to vibrant colours with subtle embroidery and embellishments; but when she walked into a room, she made herself known as the queen, that is in no doubt. She's worn fur-lined overcoats and sumptuous silks when the occasion has called for it, still looking ever so powerful as she does in a tailored suit, with this glamorous golden gown in the penultimate series really delivering. The top hem of the dress is finished with a ruched bow in the centre, laying over for extra movement whilst secured with three spaghetti straps on each shoulders. The choice of gold may have been symbolic of her relationship with Aberama Gold, but it highlights her status in the family nonetheless. The long ivory silk gloves, her silver jewellery and fur wrap she also uses later on really captures the evening glamour of the era, and is one of the most memorable attires of the famous, Aunt Polly Gray: the late Helen McCrory

 What was your all-time favourite outfit of the influential Polly Gray? Relive the best of the Peaky Blinders ensembles on our blog as we delve into all of the Shelby family, along with the characters they've had to deal with along the way.

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