Casino Royale - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Casino Royale - Shaken and Not Stirred

Hello 007.

Bond, your incident at the embassy has certainly left us in the midst of an international incident and you went against my direct orders. Of course this isn't your first time. Nevertheless, you managed to stop the prototype of the new Skyfleet airliner being destroyed at Miami Airport. It seems someone was to benefit financially if it occurred, and quite substantially too. The person in question: Le Chiffre.

The Mission

Le Chiffre invested over $100 million into the destruction of the Skyfleet airliner, money which belonged to his clients. Now he's lost every penny. We've had our eyes on Le Chiffre for a while. He is known as the main banker for his particular clientele and they are not pleased with their loss of money. People are after him, which explains why Le Chiffre has set up a high stake poker game at a casino in Montenegro: Casino Royale. I am entering you into this match 007, seeing as you are one of the best in the service. You have a $10million buy-in supplied by the British Treasury for this match, with a $5 million re-buy. A representative from the Treasury shall accompany you to Montenegro, a woman called Vesper Lynd. I might say you have met your match with her, Bond. Try and remain emotionally detached if you can. Once in Montenegro, you shall both meet René Mathis who will be your contact there. At the hotel and casino, you and Miss. Lynd will be disguised as a married couple, your name being Mr. Arlington Beech. As you well know 007, poker is all about calling your opponent's bluff and figuring out their tell. If you were to use your real name in the hotel, it might prove a tactic. The potential winnings of this Texas Hold-Em match is $150 million: that is money we cannot see paid back to Le Chiffre's clients.

Your mission: Win this poker match 007. If you win, we can offer Le Chiffre sanctuary in return for everything he knows about his clients. This is a game we cannot afford to lose, so I would suggest you take your ego out of the equation.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

Your mission wardrobe this time 007, as follows:

1) Sharp Tailoring

Become accustomed to your new suits 007 as you arrive in Montenegro wearing a two-piece very dark blue suit with slightly rounded shoulders and notch lapels on the jacket with flapped pockets. Your shirt is white with thin grey stripes and double cuffed, the classic collar styled with an appropriate silver blue tie. A navy trench coat is your matching outerwear.

2) Dinner Suit

The dinner jacket is courtesy of Vesper, 007. It's a sharp one-button jacket made with wide peak lapels and structured shoulders with double jet pockets and a lovely curved hem. Four fabric covered buttons are on the cuffs and your double cuffs shall show underneath. The shirt has a covered placket for a smoother finish and styled with your black bow tie. The trousers are straight cut with the option to attach your white braces to them.

3) Smart Pinstripe

Of course you will have more casual options including a shawl cardigan and blue long-sleeve polo neck top, but you won't say no to a smart three-piece navy pinstripe suit should the occasion call for it. Wear with a light blue shirt and dark blue tie to match the blue pinstripe. Don't forget the single-breasted waistcoat.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


The stakes are too high to afford any mishaps with encounters, Bond:

Vesper Lynd

A member of the Treasury who will oversee the money and your poker play. She will meet you on the train to Montenegro wearing a two-piece black suit with a peplum jacket that includes a stand-up collar and notch lapels, styled with a thick black belt on the waist. Upon arrival and meeting Mathis, Lynd will wear a cream single-breasted jacket with soft, structured shoulders and notch lapels with a high collar. The same style of belt will be worn with this attire too. It is worth nothing 007 that she wears an Algerian love knot silver necklace with her outfits. It is clear she loved someone dearly.

Le Chiffre

Organiser of the poker match, Le Chiffre. His suit of choice is a three-piece black velvet number, the jacket and waistcoat cut in the single-breasted form. Contrasting wide peak lapels and welt pocket are distinguishing details on the jacket, with which his pleated black dress double cuff shirt with covered placket shall match. Other details worth noting are his 3-button cuffs, bow tie, and his scar across his left eye causing him to weep blood.

Felix Leiter

We have word Felix Leiter will be playing too. Should you find a re-buy is needed, Leiter might be able to assist, but possibly in exchange for bringing Leiter into CIA custody. The agent will be wearing a two-piece shawl collar dinner suit with a pleated double cuff dress shirt with black dress studs and the accompanying bow tie.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


I am providing your equipment for this mission 007, not Q. Consider this a personal gesture:

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The Aston Martin DBS V12, a new model 007 in a sleek silver grey and one that will make you look even more like a top-class poker player. I've included a spare weapon with the draws and a defibrillator. We must be prepared for Le Chiffre and his associates to remove you from the match.


Once the money has been won Bond, I want you to deposit the money as soon as you can. It will be sought after by a number of people once the game is over. I do not feel the need to repeat myself again with saying this is a high stake mission. Play your cards well and win at Casino Royale. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.