25th April 2021 - Covid-19 Restrictions Lifting: Update for Wales - A Hand Tailored Suit

25th April 2021 - Covid-19 Restrictions Lifting: Update for Wales

Good news for Welsh people since the Covid-19 infection rate has fallen, bringing the easing regulations forward. Let's take a look at the re-opening dates and upcoming restrictions easing. 

Retail, sporting, outdoor gatherings, and travel (from 12 April)

Since Monday, 12 April, Welsh people have seen all retail open, children go back to school, and some travel restrictions lifted.

  • Full return of schools and face-to-face education
  • All remaining shops reopened
  • All remaining close contact services reopened
  • Travel in and out of Wales reopened
  • Initial wedding 'show around' appointments allowed
  • Political canvassing restrictions removed

Household meet-ups (from 24 April)

Up to 6 people from 6 households can meet outdoors, which doesn't include any children under age 11 or carers in the numbers.

Outdoor attractions, hospitality, pubs, cafes, and meet-ups (from 26 April)

  • Outdoor attractions like funfairs and theme parks have reopened
  • Outdoor hospitality like cafes, pubs, and restaurants reopened
  • Indoor hospitality still closed except for takeaways
  • Organised outdoor activities of up to 30 people can take place
  • Outdoor wedding receptions can take place of up to 30 people

Gyms, fitness, and extended meet-ups (from 3 May)

Gyms, leisure centres, and fitness facilities can reopen, including one-to-one training but excluding exercise classes. Children's indoor activity centres can reopen too. 

Up to two houses can meet indoors from this date.

Indoor hospitality and tourism accommodation (from 17 May)

From mid-May, indoor hospitality can reopen subject to approval by the Welsh parliament. 


The Welsh government guidelines note that wedding sizes depend on the capacity of the venue. Currently, wedding receptions cannot take place. From 1 March, wedding venues have been allowed to reopen for ceremonies. Outdoor receptions can take place from 26 April for up to 30 people.


Although many retailers and indoor venues are due to reopen, the government has not been forthcoming on regulations surrounding weddings and when those restrictions will lift, but we will keep you abreast of any updates. Stay safe.