Diamonds Are Forever - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Diamonds Are Forever - Shaken and Not Stirred

Welcome 007.

[On behalf of the British Secret Service and myself James, you have been in our thoughts. You have our condolences regarding what happened.]

Seeking Blofeld has been a personal mission for you. You caught him in the act of creating his lookalikes, now we hope them and the real Blofeld have been taken care of. Well done Bond, but we don't know who is still working for him or SPECTRE so keep your wits about you. Now with that behind us, we can expect from you some solid work I hope? Please pay attention 007: what do you know about diamonds?

The Mission

As informed by Sir Donald Munger, diamond smuggling has increased alarmingly over the last 2 years. MI6 have reason to suspect these South African diamonds are being stockpiled. Find out who the stockpilers are to prevent further diamonds being smuggled. Catch them in the act by going undercover as diamond smuggler Mr. Peter Franks. We have Intel the real Peter Franks is travelling to Amsterdam to meet with connection Tiffany Case, another diamond smuggler. We shall ensure the real Franks is withheld here 007, but we cannot say he won't try his best to escape. Ensure your cover is maintained. From Holland, you shall travel with Case to Los Angeles with the diamonds. We've made contact with CIA agent Felix Leiter, he shall help on this mission. Fake diamonds will be used in place of the real ones, but the comedian (and fellow diamond smuggler) Shady Tree, will spot a fake very easily. He's due to perform at the Whyte House, a casino owned by billionaire Willard Whyte in Las Vegas. Whyte also owns W Tectronics, where we understand is the real diamonds' final destination. I highly doubt the diamonds are to be made into fine jewellery here 007. We may have rid of Blofeld as head of SPECTRE, but this has his fingerprints all over it.

Your mission: Prevent the real diamonds from being smuggled into the wrong hands and furthermore, being used for the wrong intent. After all Bond, diamonds are made to last forever.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

We know how much you admire your tailored suits 007, so I think you will be pleased to hear your mission wardrobe is compiled of some fine choices: looking sharp as a diamond seems appropriate, wouldn't you agree? Please note they are not the correct suit style to swim in though Bond...

1) Classic Grey Suit

A grey suit is a fine choice of yours, so you shall have a fine light two-piece version available. Slanted pockets, black buttons on the cuff and front and matched accordingly to a black tie and white shirt. It is a low cut on the jacket but this should be a style you're used to.

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2) Black Suit

Your undercover role as Peter Franks will continue to Los Angeles, so you shall travel in a three-piece black suit, paired with a black tie and white shirt once again. A sombre choice but you may find it purposeful.

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3) Tuxedos

And you have the choice too: a white dinner jacket and all black two-piece. We shall leave you to choose your accompanying flower for the black suit, although a red one would be well suited to the interior red lining. The white dinner jacket with sharp peak lapels, double vent and pockets pairs rather nicely with the pleated dress shirt style and black bow tie of course.

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4) Smart/Casual Attire

A smart/casual wardrobe has been prepared especially for this mission: a brown tweed Prince of Wales check jacket designed with three buttons and notch lapels is a suitable style, with a brown roll neck to compliment. You also have a cream two piece with pink tie and white shirt, so you feel cool under pressure in the Vegas heat.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


It's always best to be prepared 007. You know of your meeting with Felix Leiter already, but others you could meet include:

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

We're sincerely hoping none of his lookalikes made it past his experiment James; but if so, he will most likely be wearing his signature Nehru-style jacket, a light beige or grey in colour with four patch pockets on the front. Matching trousers to the jacket too will be worn. Most likely his beloved loyal cat is with him. Hopefully Blofeld doesn't have nine lives too.

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Tiffany Case

She is the diamond smuggler Peter Franks arranged to meet. She may be wearing a black evening gown when you first meet her in Holland. It's possible in Vegas she will wear a white tailored jacket and flared trousers with a pink top. The collar and cuffs of the top are black with white edging, whilst the jacket collar is popped. A stylish choice.

Oh and 007, she also drives a red Ford Mustang Mach 1 with a handy two-wheel drive - interpret that how you will. Please don't show off with your driving too much...your track records with cars are not quite 100%.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Fake Thumbprint: The experienced diamond smuggler she is, Case will no doubt be checking you are indeed Mr. Peter Frank 007, so we've created a replica of his thumbprint which you can wear. Thought it would come in handy.

Grappling Suspenders and Pistol: You won't be able to visit Whyte by simply going in the lift 007, a difficult idea to grasp with I know, so we have appropriately incorporated grappling suspenders into your black tuxedo. It should help with scaling the walls of the hotel...just be careful of not ripping the suit please.

Voice Changer: You never know when one of these may come in handy also 007, I only made one of these for a Christmas present for the children. Whoever you are speaking to will be unable to recognise your own voice, as we can adjust to whoever you are interpreting.


There will be plenty of time in Las Vegas to enjoy yourself with the slot machines 007, but finding out what is happening to the diamonds is vital: more importantly, who the final recipient is. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.


Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.