Emily in Paris - A Hand Tailored Suit

Emily in Paris

It’s the show that is still the hot topic on every Netflix watcher’s lips. During these difficult times, the show provides a form of escapism, taking us down the Parisian streets and captivating us with the fashion of which the main character, Emily Cooper (played brilliantly by Lily Collins) wears. The costume designer for the series was Patricia Fields, who selected many perfect pieces for the character, of which a few tailored pieces we couldn’t help but notice.

The Pink Overcoat

This shocking pink (appropriately named) woollen cashmere overcoat appears in two episodes of the series, styled differently each time but still a stunning piece. Its main features included the double-breasted front, sloped shoulders, wide notch lapels and two outside flapped pockets. The matching belt creates a strong silhouette to the coat when tied, but is a statement piece unfastened as Emily wears it.

The Gingham Suit

Featured with the signature red beret in episode 3, the Veronica Beard gingham check suit (shorts instead of trousers) doesn’t go unnoticed. Wearing the matching jacket and shorts has increased in popularity recently to bring a more casual vibe to the smart tailoring. The shorts are turned up at the hem, with Emily again opting for the double-breasted jacket featuring peaked lapels and a slanted welt pocket. The jacket cuffs include 5 buttons each side, with two flapped pockets on the outside. Although the pockets aren’t pattern matching, they break the pattern up which create more shape to the blazer.

The Green Wool Coat

Another memorable coat of the series, Emily wears a single-breasted green wool coat which is mid-length and has a soft shoulder line. What is unique about this coat is the four-pocket design on either side of the opening, presuming more of a fashionable rather than functional option, but still adds a touch of class to the piece. The shirt style collar and turned up cuffs are both more defined through the layered effect. You could say there is a lot to this coat, but that’s what makes it more captivating to look at.

The Red Hound’s-tooth Coat An item which doesn’t get enough attention is the red hound’s-tooth blazer worn in episode 6, such a pattern which is very popular at the moment. Again it is a double-breasted style with two rounded patch pockets, yet the lack of lapels or collar actually provide a stronger line to the opening of the jacket with such a bold colour choice and pattern of hound’s-tooth. The hound’s-tooth design is also seen on her in a pink jacket with matching skirt. It’s safe to say that Emily Cooper would definitely be on trend right now, but hound’s-tooth is the perfect timeless design


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