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"Emily In Paris" Season 2 - And Sylvie's In Charge!

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (who plays Sylvie) showed why she was the head of the marketing firm Savoir in season 1 of "Emily In Paris", and she continues to do so in the latest series streaming on Netflix. Her wardrobe is very chic but shows she means serious business in running a successful marketing company and in this post, we delve into some of the outfits that make Sylvie a powerful businesswoman.

 Her fashionable wardrobe begins immediately in episode 1 as she dines with Emily and Camille wearing a violet overcoat draped on her shoulders - boss vibes and confidence immediately conveyed. The length of the coat falls to just above her ankles, whilst the peak lapels are wide and ensure the sharp point is noticed indeed. What a great way to remind you of Sylvie's identity if you had forgotten from season 1!

 Moving onto episode 3 and onto what is a very elegant and of course, chic outfit for Sylvie as she meets with one of the company's clients, Pierre Cardin - a scene which continues to show which Sylvie is successful and a great outfit for it too. Monochrome in appearance, the cropped jacket includes subtle stripes to give the appearance of panelling throughout, whilst the jacket and sleeves are finished with a lovely fringing detail that glistens softly. It's fastened with a zip in the centre as the trousers are kept plain but elegant with a centre crease noticeable from the waist all the way down to the hem.

If there's one factor to notice about Sylvie's wardrobe in the series is that she doesn't over-complicate her attire: she keeps it simple but keeps it significant. In episode 5 during a marketing event with one of Savoir's clients, Sylvie conveys her confidence again wearing a matching jacket and dress. The dress itself features gold chevrons that match the V-neck as the jacket also includes elements of the chevron design too. Three fabric covered buttons are featured either side of the jacket front on the collar, possibly as decoration. The jacket sleeves fall halfway and with a extended outer line to create a gorgeous curve, something which is contrasted by the broad padded shoulders.

 A matching two-piece suit is always a statement and Sylvie proves this in episode 9 as she wears a matching red number with an ivory blouse underneath that includes a wrap feature in the centre. As the clip above shows, the design is quite modern with split hems on the jacket that showcase the double jet pockets near the bottom. There are no buttons for the fastening and the subtle hint of a thin shawl collar which is embedded into the jacket for a bit of definition. Her trousers are high-waisted which is very chic and with pockets on the side for practicality.

From one suit to another for the head of Savoir, Sylvie is then spotted in the final episode of the series wearing a silver textured basketweave silver suit, worn with a green blouse underneath. The jacket has a single vent on the back with two angled flapped pockets on the front and sharp peak lapels to match how sharp this suiting number is. With a single button for the fastening and her trousers high-waisted again to be cohesive with her style, the trousers include a subtle centre crease which lead to a bit of flare on the hem for that extra dramatic effect - a design feature that certainly shows who the boss is.

Sylvie's wardrobe in season 2 is definitely not one to miss and we can only wait to see what she wears in the next series! 

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