Emily in Paris Season 3: Emily's style - A Hand Tailored Suit

Emily in Paris Season 3: Emily's style

Emily is still in Paris! Season 3 Fashion Review

Lily Collins is back again as Emily Cooper in season 3 of Emily in Paris. Streaming on Netflix, the show was released just before Christmas to provide more binge-watching opportunities. We couldn't wait to see how her love life develops and what she chooses to do about her work situation, the big cliffhanger from season 2. Marilyn Fitoussi was back as the costume designer for this season, taking the helm from Patricia Field. Emily's unique outfits included many elements of tailoring throughout seasons 1 and 2 and this season was no different. Let's take a look at a few of our favourite looks. 


The neon plaid blazer


Always a fan of the blazer and bright and colourful looks, Emily combines both in this outfit. Fitted blue trousers and a black and white striped top are worn under this multicoloured neon jacket. The long lapels, padded shoulders and slanted flap pockets bring an element of formality to the otherwise casual outfit. 


That zebra print top


Emily takes padded shoulders to another level in this zebra patterned Pierre Cadault top that she dons for a high-fashion event. The look is more work of modern art than tailoring! The pattern matching on the buttoned-up front and between the sleeves is also exquisite. 


The bright yellow 60s-style coat

As already noted, Emily loves colour, and throughout seasons 1 and 2, she displayed a huge array of coats. Season 3 is no different. This lightweight yellow duffle coat was one of our favourites with its thigh-length and enormous buttons. Styled with a kerchief, knee-high sunflower print socks, and platform Mary Janes it screamed 1960s.


The metallic coat and boots


The 60s style, and of course, the coats continue throughout the season. Here clashing patterns and mod-style shorts are covered by an eye-catching gold metallic coat with a classic collar and patch pockets. 





Metallics, such as the gold coat above, are also a theme during this season. Here she combines a metallic mini-skirt with striking metallic green knee-high boots. She finishes the look with her usual flourish, pairing them with a cosy but mismatched neon cropped sweater. The overall look is again very 60s Mod. 





Bringing out Emily's feminine side, feathers are also featured heavily during the series. She wears them at work in this neon-yellow two-piece with a polo-shirt style collar and feathered hem and out and about in this bright pink coat that is feathered up to the waist and the elbows of the sleeves. 


Do you like Emily's style?

Emily's style has evolved from seasons 1 and 2. In season three, she is embracing Parisian life like never before. She certainly doesn't shy away from pattern and colour. The 60s, metallics, and feathers make routine appearances, though she has kept her love for a beautifully tailored blazer and knee-length coat. Which of Emily's outfits was your favourite this season? Look out for our blogs on the style of more of Emily in Paris' characters. 

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