Emily in Paris Season 3: Sylvie's style - A Hand Tailored Suit

Emily in Paris Season 3: Sylvie's style

Is Sylvie the best-dressed character in Emily in Paris? Season 3 Fashion Review

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu plays Sylvie, the Parisian chief marketing officer in Emily in Paris. Season 3 begins with her operating her new agency from her apartment. It has a rocky start, but will it end up thriving? Sylvie also makes an effort to save her marriage to Laurent. But with him investing in a club with Louis, with whom Sylvie has a dark past, will their marriage make it?

Throughout seasons 1 and 2, Sylvie dressed in a sophisticated, minimalist, but powerful style to reflect her high position at Savoir. In season 3, Sylvie's wardrobe occasionally gets an injection of colour. According to Popsugar's interview with costume designer Marylin Fitoussi, she wanted some of Sylvie's outfits to reflect Emily's to show their growing respect for each other. However, Sylvie hasn't given up her love of black, and some of her outfits show her previous colour preferences while emphasising her new, more playful fashion choices that echo her character's story development. We couldn't wait to see what happened to Sylvie. Let's take a look at some of the outfits that particularly caught our eye.

The black and white collared zip-front dress


Following Emily's footsteps with her nods to 60s style, this Valentino dress has a 60s feel with its A-line silhouette, collar and colour blocking. However, Sylvie makes it understated and her own by donning it in black and white rather than a more gaudy combination of colours. She leaves the beautiful gold zipper unzipped for a daring peek of flesh. 

The tailored purple blazer and orange shirt


Emily wears many colours throughout all three seasons, but purple and orange have featured more than most. Here Sylvie is echoing Emily's colour palette while putting her own sophisticated tailored spin on it. The formal purple double-breasted jacket with its padded shoulders and sharp peak lapels shouts powerful businesswoman, while the bright orange shirt peeking out of the top complements her skin tone and brings out the flush in her cheeks. Sylvie rounds out the look with a matching orange bag with gold chain detailing on the strap.  

The gold shirt


Metallics are featured in season three on all of the female characters, and Sylvie is no different. Emily manages to meld the metallic trend with her love for all things 60s, while Sylvie makes it work appropriate in this outfit. The slouchy fit of the gold shirt and its covered button placket makes it so elegant and beautiful, while the slim-fitting long black skirt, statement belt, and draped black cardigan all project a powerful woman in business. She elevates the look by matching her jewellery and the bag's hardware to her shirt. 

The daring black blouse


Many characters on the show like to bare a bit of flesh; look at Mindy, for example, but Sylvie again manages to put her own tasteful spin on it. This beaker-shaped cut-out on the black blouse shows just enough skin but not too much, and the unusual hanging sleeves make it oh-so-refined and elegant. 

The yellow skirt with black lace


This outfit perfectly showcases Sylvie's new colour palette and more playful clothes. Here she clashes colours and patterns and ties in some of the metallic themes mentioned earlier with her statement gold belt. She can't let go of the black, though! Her shirt has a beautiful coral-coloured pattern on a black base which perfectly matches the elaborately patterned black lace overlay on her vibrant yellow calf-length skirt.


Do you like Sylvie's Style?

Sylvie's style evolves in season three, trying out more fun colours and patterns while still staying true to her power-dressing past with a solid base of black. She echos the other characters' styles, mixing in metallics, cut-outs, patterns and bright colours while giving them a genuinely Sylvie-type feel. Which of her outfits was your favourite this season?

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