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Five Essential Colours

Colours can come in and go out very quickly, but there is always a safe collection of colours that work fantastically well in each season. Now summers end is on the horizon, we want to show you what colours you should be introducing come those colder days.

Forest Green

Our experience with green is normally reserved for weekend walks in the park. But it is an excellent colour choice for autumn and is a lot more versatile than most would think.

Worn beneath a suit, forest green knitwear shows a different aesthetic to the typical greys and blacks others will be wearing. With a crisp white formal shirt underneath and black or dark grey colours to compliment. Forest green will offer you a nice alternative that isn’t too scary for the majority of those reading.


Burgundy gives a deeper tone that works well with lots of colours including camel, dark grey and navy. If you want to softly approach this type of colour, then you might like to introduce a variant of burgundy by trying some oxblood brogues with a navy blue suit for example.



This is an ideal way to lighten a classic dark wardrobe normally seen during autumn and winter. Often people reach for grey as their fall-back for these months. But stone will set you apart from others whilst delivering an updated palette choice. It is versatile enough to be worn alongside, black or dark grey, but we recommend pairing with a light blue shirt.


There is something striking about wearing a great, fitted camel overcoat with your suit. Put to bed the outdated Del Boy associations and have people head turning for all the right reasons. Choose contrasting black lapels for a vintage look or just stick to the faultless mid-length single-breasted option to partner your suit. Camel is an ideal autumnal colour that is at home with another of our favourites, burgundy as it is with grey or black.

Navy Blue

The most versatile colour anyone can have in their wardrobe. Navy blue is an essential choice that will work nicely with the majority of hues you already have. It is a great foundation to bolder colours that you might want to try. But we suggest trying with any of our other choices to create a fail-safe office look that can easily accompany you to the bar in the evening.

For the colours, we’ve talked about in this article,. Not everyone is comfortable to try these as the bigger foundation of their outfit choices. Introduce them in the linings of your suit jacket, within your knitwear preferences or even your accessories.

But should you be confident enough to test these out in suit form, then A Hand Tailored Suit offers a wealth of fabric choices to pick from. Meaning you can rest assured that if you’ve gone for something a little special then the fit is going to be the best you have ever experienced.


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