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Gérard is the Face of 'Champére'!

Although he isn't one of the main characters in "Emily In Paris" he most certainly is one of the most liveliest and confident characters going! Gérard (played by Christophe Guybet) is Camille's father and after meeting Camille's family in the first season, they are back again to launch their new champagne product: 'Champére'. It's named after Gérard himself and, with his confident personality shining through once more in season 2, we can't ignore Gérard's bold wardrobe! Here are a few of his outfits from season 2.

The family all attend a marketing meeting at Savoir in episode 5 to discuss the launch of their latest champagne product, and Gérard's choice of outfit is certainly very sartorial and summery! His casual blazer is a slate blue piece with navy blue and white windowpane check design running through it. It's made with notch lapels and thin double jet pockets positioned on a slight angle, the buttonholes on the front and lapel also finished in a navy blue. The sleeves include a four-button cuff as the white shirt cuffs are exposed and the collar left open. His five-button beige waistcoat sits high on the chest and matches the pocket square situated in the jacket's welt pocket and finished with a lovely subtle curved hem. Paired with his navy trousers and fedora hat, he's very stylish in the city of Paris!

Slowly heading towards the end of the season and in episode 8* when Emily arrives with Camille to work on a marketing promotion for 'Champere', Gérard's ready to give a warm welcome to them both. On a sunny day in Épernay, he wears a bright orange blazer with a patch pocket on the chest and three buttons on the front for the fastening. The notch lapels are shorter for this reason and the shoulders are relaxed with a slight raise on the top of the sleeves. The buttonholes are embroidered in contrasting thread to be a subtle feature on the piece, finished with four-button cuffs and a double vent on the back. Underneath, Gérard wears a lightweight white buttoned shirt with the collar left open again for that relaxed, casual vibe, the look completed with his stone-coloured chinos and belt.

*If you haven't watched it yet, episode 8 is called "Champagne Problems" for a reason...! If you've watched it, you'll know why!*

Gérard may not be on our screens as much in season 2, but his presence is always known through his personality and style. Let's reflect back on one look from season 1 that conveys that.

After we first see him wearing his iconic blue and green tartan smoking jacket/dressing gown style piece with a patch pocket, Gérard could also be seen in season 1 wearing a rich red velvet jacket that's paired with tartan trousers. A casual grey crew neck shirt is worn under the jacket to allow everything else of the outfit really stand out and be statements on their own. With notch lapels and a two-button front, double jet pockets and an angled welt pocket feature on the jacket also. If the outfit wasn't bold enough to match his personality, the pocket square is folded exaggeratedly in the welt pocket as the elements of green and yellow link themselves nicely to the colours spotted in the tartan trouser pattern.

We hope we get to see more of Gérard and his wardrobe in seasons 3 and 4!

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